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Video Interactivity and Personalization for Effective Content Engagement

For marketers looking to create the digital 1:1 conversations that accelerate prospects and customers through the customer journey, video is a must-have strategy component.

In our last post on creating digital 1:1 conversations with video, I explained how combining video with marketing automation and interactivity helps you define the individual person at the other end of the conversation – both who that person is and what that person needs. The next step is serving up the right content in an effective manner to continue the exchange. This is achieved by adding a combination of interactivity and personalization to your video marketing strategy.


Interactivity is pivotal to digital 1:1 conversations because it not only adds dimension to the individual defined by marketing automation, it then helps marketers better understand that person’s needs and interests.

How can you use interactivity to decide what content to send? There are many options: quizzes, hot spots, chapters, and clickable CTAs are just a few. We’re firm believers that you should start your video marketing efforts not by waiting for the perfect collection of assets, but by using existing content and you can evolve your strategy based on your results. So we challenge you to add interactivity to your existing video assets. It will add new dimension to the content, while providing more viewer insight from each data point, and increasing your marketing ROI.

One of our interactivity partners, HapYak, offers all the above interactivity options and more. In addition to our many shared customers, we use HapYak features to add interactivity to our own videos. One example? Repurposing an existing long-form video by creating chapters.

I participated in a video strategy webinar with Aberdeen Group at the end of 2015. When we created a video on demand file, we worked with HapYak to create an interactive chapters overlay. It allowed us to understand the specific areas of interest for each viewer so we might send further relevant content to guide them through the customer journey.


A well-constructed digital 1:1 conversation includes sending personalized content that is relevant to the prospect’s interests. Personalization is evolving and there are misconceptions about how video can be “personalized.” There are many levels of personalization and video works in all.


Video marketers enjoy the wow-factor of stitching information – often the person’s name - into the video itself. Hyper-personalized content can make a good introduction piece to open the way for further nurture activities or introduce you to a prospect, followed by a selection of curated content.

Curated Content

One of the easiest and value-rich ways to send the right content to the right people is through curated content. The choice of content can be set up through marketing automation logic and sent automatically, or it can be chosen by a marketing or sales rep to address a very specific use case of a prospect or customer. Smart and thorough meta-tagging of your video assets is extremely important when you plan to deliver them as curated content because those tags will help you easily find the right content for your target recipient.

Website Personalization

Advanced digital marketers are creating video-rich personalized experiences on their sites that are effective for both the visitor and the marketer. Our customer, Grand Circle Travel, has created a video portal experience that surfaces video content based on online activity. If you have looked for wine tours and western European travel, your next visit could surface tours through Burgundy and Chianti upon your site arrival. With website personalization, each site visit is different and visitors can quickly and easily find the right content to meet their interests. With such an attentive personalized experience, it’s no wonder 70% of Grand Circle’s customers are in the retention stage of the customer journey.

By integrating your video platform with your marketing automation platform, and building interactivity and personalization into your video strategy, you’ll be able to engage effectively in digital 1:1 conversations that lead to informed customers and a high business return.

Your next steps

  1. Choose an existing video with valuable content for your prospects, and revitalize it with chapters or a survey. See our list of our partners for someone who can help do this.
  2. Add your interactive video to an offering of like content, and have your sales team send the curated content to high value leads.

Voila, you are ending the marketing monologue and enabling valuable digital dialogues.

The final consideration for your digital 1:1 conversations is ensuring your video platform integrates end-to-end with your existing marketing technical stack for a seamless customer experience. We’ll cover that in our next post.

To learn more about how you can use video to increase the success of your marketing, download The Four Aces of Video Marketing.

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