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The Impact of Online Video on Customer Support [CHART]

In November, I asked what now appears to have been a rhetorical question:  Is YouTube replacing the Printed Manual?  Then, just as I sat down to write this follow-on article, I saw a tweet that YouTube is holding a Next How-to Guru contest for creators of How-To videos, the winners of which will receive training and equipment, promotion and mentorship. What better proof could there be?  Adding more fuel to the video fire is the growth of websites that host millions of instructional videos, such as Howcast.com.  Howcast states that they stream tens of millions of videos every month across its multi-platform distribution network,  two million of which are delivered across iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices.


The purpose of this Chart of the Week is to determine whether using YouTube (or other video hosting platforms) for your Documentation Library can impact the number of cases that are logged with a Support Team.  Interestingly enough, the data that I analyzed for Eloqua shows, for 2012, that while using YouTube over the course of the year increases, the number of support cases remains relatively stable.  By inference, this might indicate that people who normally log cases are continuing to do so, however those who are looking for answers are still looking for this information on YouTube.

Keep in mind also that people who are interested in your company may go to YouTube (either directly or via a search engine) to see what they can learn on their own.  In so doing, this may help deflect calls and decrease hold times on your Support lines.

Finally, if you consider that the ability to reach your customers and prospects includes a number of avenues, the two biggest ones being Social Media and Email.  How your marketing message gets out to your audience is affected by both paths.

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