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Video 101: The Basics of Video Content

Melanie Cummings
Client Success Manager

Developing a video content marketing strategy, if done right, can drive awareness, leads and sales. Here are the top five tips from the Content Marking Institute (CMI) on how to execute on that strategy and how to make the videos engaging, effective and easy to develop

1: One video is not enough. Don’t put all your time, energy and—most important—money into one Academy Award-winning video. If that one fails, you’ve wasted an opportunity. Instead, create three to five videos at the same time, perhaps as part of a series, and release them over time.

2: Repurpose existing footage. Do you have video of one of your staff members speaking at an industry event or interviewed on TV? Have you recorded any product testing and development sessions? Anything already in your film library can be edited to fit into a video blog.

3. Make it personal. Videos can let customers meet your staff and see how you do business, which helps create a personal connection. Post videos of staff interviews, tours of the office or campus, visitor/customer interviews or “day in the life” videos of your staff at work. And be sure to leverage outside events by shooting visiting staff, speakers, your booth or stand, and any presentations or demos you give.

4. Make your videos multi-platform-accessible. Content is now consumed on multiple devices including iPads, tablets and smartphones. Make sure your videos are formatted correctly to display on all these devices.

5. Engage the viewer. Cool technology exists that can add dynamic content and maps, or ask for a response right in the video. Mozilla’s Popcorn is just one example.

Creating video content is one thing. Getting people to watch it is another. CMI says to consider:

• Distribution. Videos go on your website, of course. But gain viewers by posting on outlets like YouTube or cross-industry platforms like BrightTalk, SlideShare and Xavy.

• Marketing. Let people know your videos are out there and encourage them to watch. Code videos with smart metadata, tags, titles and other keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

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