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Using Email to Generate B2B Leads

Kaila Garrison
Product Marketing Manager


Email is one of the most effective ways to capture customer attention, add value and create a qualified funnel of prospects.


But the basics of generating business-to-business leads through email can often be shrouded in jargon, hype and unnecessary complexity.


Here are you need to know about attracting business leads through email. 


Select an email marketing software. 


For your lead generation efforts to be successful, you need a software solution that allows you to collect customers’ email addresses, build and sort lists and allow them to opt in to receive your communications. Common solutions include MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact.


Create an attractive lead magnet.


Next, you’ll need an attractive lead magnet: a resource to offer customers in exchange for their email addresses.


Let’s try a simple thought experiment. Which of these copy approaches is more valuable to a visitor to your site: “Sign up for our mailing list.” or “Get your free e-book.”


The first bit of copy is about what your customer can offer you; the second is about what you can offer your customer.


Your lead magnet could take on many forms: It could be a whitepaper, a video tutorial, an ebook. It could even be a simple weekly e-newsletter. Whatever it is, it needs to keep the customer at the center, helping them solve a problem. This transaction creates trust, and over time, trust leads to sales.


Maintain consistent contact with your customer.


Now you’re beginning to build your list. You’re offering an attractive lead magnet. But you’re not done. Going forward, you need to make sure you continue to invest into your customer by offering them quality content at consistent intervals. For example, it’s better to maintain a bi-weekly e-newsletter than sending four e-newsletters one week and none the next two. Start small, and scale from there.


Ask for the sale.


After you’ve built trust with your customer through multiple, sustained contacts (a common rule of thumb holds that it could take at least seven touchpoints with your customer before they buy from you), it’s time to close what should be the first of many deals. Give them a chance to buy your product. Otherwise, you’re not doing lead gen—you’re playing penpal.


Follow these basic steps, and you’ll be on your way to building an e-mail campaign that wins you new customers for life.

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