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Use Content to Fuel Location Based Marketing

Chris Baggott
CEO & President

What exactly is "Location Based Marketing"?


This really just refers to marketing delivered to a person based on their location.   In the very early days of online and mobile there was this idea that when a person walked by your store you would text them an offer.  


A few years later it was Foursquare and the others who allowed you to 'check in' and receive rewards.   By showing your friends where you are....in theory this would entice others to patronize that establishment. 


Here's the thing...just because you happen to be standing in a particular location isn't by itself any kind of buying intention.  It never seemed very scalable to me either.    What?  I'm walking down the street with my phone buzzing every 10 feet:


  • Flowers On Sale!


  • You look tired...get an Americano!


  • Pizza?


Where does it end?  The point is that location alone does not indicate intent.  You know what does indicate intent?  




Content Marketing and Mobile Search


How about Search? 




Sure it's not new.   About as old school as you can get, but when people are needing anything they are still using search.


Think search isn't mobile?  




I won't belabor this point.  But I will say there is a really big content marketing play here.








What about social?  Maybe I'll do a social search?   (although for most long tail searches they are social already)




To succeed in Location Based Marketing, you need to be generating content locally.   Why?  Because Google is going to imply local intent whenever anyone makes a search.   If you have content written by someone in Rapid City South Dakota writing about something related to Rapid City South Dakota the search engine is going to be really proud to serve that content.    


Bass Pro Shops does an amazing job of running a Content Marketing plan that includes every store employee from every one their hundreds of stores.   Now not everyone creates content.....but enough do to create over 175 local items each month.  This content generates traffic from search and social in excess of many hundreds of thousands of visits a month.   And that traffic?   It has a 20% click through rate!   When people find this content they are really really happy.


Location Based Marketing with Local Content





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