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  • February 25, 2014

How underwear retailer Freshpair gets personal with customers [Video]

When it comes to retail marketing, it doesn’t get more personal than underwear — a challenge that intimates retailer Freshpair takes on every day. While traditional customer data, such as demographics and purchase history, may work for other digital marketers to build out customer profiles and campaigns, for Freshpair personalization must go even deeper.

As Jason Scoggins, VP of Marketing at Freshpair, explains, “You cannot put demographics behind underwear. It is very much about how you feel about yourself and it's a personal choice.” How do they do it? Here are a few insights from Scoggins:

Focus on customer engagement

Freshpair found that demographics play a small to nonexistent role in customer preferences when it comes to shopping for underwear. To counter this, explained Scoggins, “We have built out segments based specifically on what [consumers] are looking at [on our website].” This, plus a focus on a orchestrated approach to email marketing versus daily email blasts, has helped Freshpair deliver specific content to a customer based on their behavior and preferences.

“In the first email,” explains Scoggins, “they may choose whether or not they’re a man or woman,” or which intimate styles they prefer. As the customer continues to interact with Freshpair (purchasing, opening emails, clicking etc), the company is able to build out a robust customer profile. “After they’ve made their first purchase, then we start really getting into the data and can start segmenting [based] on that," says Scoggins.

Use customer data to inform marketing programs

Promoting underwear to consumers can get “interesting,” says Scoggins. “One of the big challenges we have is that our website is blocked from a lot of companies’ firewalls.” To get around this, Freshpair has found that sending customers messages in the late evening and early morning is more successful for customer engagement, possibly because customers aren’t yet in the office. Mobile has also been a major driver in engagement. Says Scoggins, “Every time we look at our numbers we are seeing more and more customers coming to our site from mobile devices.”

For Freshpair, what it comes down to is what kind of experience customers are seeking out. “It's not whether or not we want to be on mobile,” says Scoggins. “It's what our customers are telling us that we have to be doing.”

Hear more from Freshpair's Jason Scoggins in this video:

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