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Video: What's Holding Back UK Marketers from Social?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Author: Michelle McGinnis

If you think everyone is jumping into social advertising, think again.

A recent survey of UK marketers at ad:tech London found that 66% were currently running, or planning to use, social advertising. But that’s well below the 85% US marketers who said the same thing to the Pivot Conference and Brian Solis.

So why are UK marketers lagging behind?

According to Kath Pay, co-Founder of Plan to Engage, the issue is that marketers in the UK and Europe are approaching social with an ad hoc point of view. And without integrating a social media strategy with more familiar channels like email marketing, you can’t see the real value of social advertising.

I recently met up with Kath and asked her a few questions about these very issues impacting social media marketing in Europe. Enjoy!


What do you say? Is integration the issue holding many European marketers from fully embracing social advertising?

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