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The Two-Step for Sales Enablement

November 25, 2011 By: Melissa Madian

There was a time I would experience a what-if-no-one-reads-my-stuff panic before sending information out to the sales team. After all, great content produces little results if sales doesn’t know of its existence.

Sales Enablement is kind of like a dance where delivering the right content requires rhythm, just about posting another piece of collateral to the internal sales portal then wondering why no one was reading or using it. Obviously, trying to drive sales reps in the field to a document management portal they don’t use to obtain the materials they need isn’t a winning strategy. So I developed a two-step process for getting the content Sales needed in their hands.

1. Figure out what tools the reps are using.
Fact: Most sales people have some form of mobile device that receives email

Fact: Most sales people use some form of CRM system

2. Figure out what sales enablement tools are at your disposal.
Fact: We use as our CRM, including the Chatter application

Fact: We use Eloqua’s marketing automation platform

Fact: We use Sharepoint as our internal document management portal

Suddenly the solution becomes clear. Treat the sales team like a prospect and deliver materials to them the same way the demand generation team does. Create a multi-channel, automated process to market the training material to the Sales team and track how they were absorbing it to determine what tweaks to make for subsequent campaigns.

The content I developed was already organized and sitting in our document management portal – I just had to use the right sales enablement tools to get them there. I created a multi-channel campaign workflow in our platform, where each step executed a communications bulletin to them. The first step was a snazzy email pointing them to the materials in the portal and how they could use it. The second step evaluated whether they actually clicked through the email and visited the pages – if not, it sent them a reminder email. Then it waited until the day of training… and sent them either an automated voice message or a text message reminding them to attend the training sessions.

Finally, I use the heck out of Salesforce Chatter! I promote the training 45 minutes before and then follow up with a "Starting Now" alert via Chatter. After the event, I send out an email with the recording using the automated workflow; but I first post the recording link to Chatter, as a special treat to those who are "following" me. I find that since I've started doing the "Chatter teasers" my followers have increased significantly.

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