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5 Ways Marketers Can Use Twitter Photo Collages

If bad things come in threes, maybe good things come in fours for marketers?

Twitter announced recently on its blog its “collage” feature, designed to allow users to include up to four photos in a tweet, and tag the people in those photos, without affecting the 140-character limit.

This platform enhancement is an exciting opportunity for marketers to extend their messaging and content through another, more visual medium. The update is well aligned with a core content marketing focus, as a majority (58%) of marketers surveyed indicate that making content more visual and engaging is a key goal and objective in 2014, according to Eloqua Community: The State of Content Marketing Report.

Will your organization take advantage of the visual continuum? While creating proprietary or design-specific images for social media can require bandwidth and planning, oftentimes visuals can give marketers the creative edge without an extensive project timeline typically assigned to bigger content launches. Here are 5 ideas to help your team easily integrate Twitter photo collages into your strategies to visually engage and delight your followers:

1. Turn product launch bullets into bigger imagery. So product speak arguably doesn’t belong in content marketing, but maybe we can make an exception for product imagery. Take those four “benefit bullets” from your press release (we know you’ve got ‘em) to illustrate your value proposition.

2. Tell a creative story formatting each photo to support the beginning, middle, ending, as well as useful takeaways. Your story also can be siloed if images aren't necessarily in any type of chronological order. MarketingProfs “shared the love” this past Valentine’s Day with its “Valentines for Marketers” photo album that was shared across social media channels. It was a clever, fun way to engage with followers and foster virality.

3. Share a four word customer thank you mantra, representing each word with an image. Take the age-old sentiment of “We love our customers” up a few notches with a digital interpretation of customer appreciation. A great use case would be to extend the life of your events hashtags. “Thanks for joining [#Event]."

Check out this fun example of viewer appreciation from AMC’s “The Walking Dead”:

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 6.54.09 AM

4. Offer four separate calls to action. Cater to your consumers’ “right to choose” by using each image as an illustrative CTA so your followers can decide which kind of content they’d like to engage with. Thinking multi-formatted content sounds like a new line item on your budget? Not necessarily! Use what you have in your library. A majority (63%) of marketers surveyed also indicate that a key strategic priority is to repurpose existing content to make it snackable (i.e. an eBook offered as a short brief; webinar; infographic; and podcast.)

5. Give your team some face time! Take the “Employee of the Month” mantra up a notch by profiling the faces behind your brand. You can tag their individual handles and encourage your communities to follow them! You also can link back to their authored blog posts, driving traffic to your corporate blog.

How will your organization start integrating photos into your Twitter content strategy? Tell us your favorite example of photo collage content!

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