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Tweet-to-Cart: Will #AmazonCart ever gain mainstream adoption?

On Monday Amazon launched a new shopping feature allowing their customers to add a product to their Amazon shopping cart simply by tweeting about it.

If you haven't tried it out yet, no worries, I have.  And like most things Amazon does, it's pretty slick.  First, you have to connect your Amazon account and Twitter account (Your Account -> Your Social Settings -> Twitter Settings -> Connect and, voilà, your ready to start tweeting-to-cart).  Next, peruse your twitter feed for Amazon product pages.

Realizing that this might take me some time, I did the most logical thing and tweeted a link to the new release of the film Gravity on Blu-Ray with the hashtag #AmazonCart to give it a whirl.  Unfortunately, this didn't quite do the trick, and if I'd read the instructions more carefully the first time, I would have realized that the #AmazonCart hashtag only works in a reply.

So I replied to my original tweet with #AmazonCart, and immediately received a reply from @MyAmazon letting me know that the item was in my cart.  So I fired up my Amazon app on my phone, and there it was, the Gravity Blu-ray Combo Pack, just waiting for me to hit the "Checkout" button.


That's cool, but will people actually use it?

That's probably the first question you asked yourself when you read the headlines yesterday.  But that is the wrong question to ask.  The right questions for any retail marketer to ask themselves is: "Am I where my customers are?" and "Am I removing the barriers that keep them from shopping with me?"

The reality is that customers are in control.  And they expect more from the retailers that they shop with.  Shoppers move fluidly from one retail interaction to the next and they expect retailers to deliver an experience that is consistent and helps them find the exact product that will fulfill their current need.

Social media channels are all about discovering and sharing, and Amazon recognizes that social channels have a tremendous influence on shopping decisions.  Now, with #AmazonCart, Amazon has made it even easier for consumers to shop with them...more specifically, they have made it easier for socially-connected and influential shoppers to buy and buy more frequently from them, which should only continue to increase their reach and market share.

Maybe it's not for you specifically, but as for me, I'm looking forward to watching Gravity on Blu-Ray in 2 days thanks to Prime and #AmazonCart.

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