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Tips for creating a better mobile email experience

On average, we're seeing about 40% of email opens coming from mobile devices and tablets. Unfortunately, all the work we do to ensure our emails render flawlessly on the desktop doesn't take into account the subscribers trying to read our emails on a tiny screen. Often times the mobile experience is disappointing, forcing the subscriber to wait for images to download, scroll endlessly to read a sentence, zoom in to click a link, then dropping them on a website with a similar experience.

It's daunting, as a marketer, to figure out how to address this growing challenge, so that's why we put together the Responsys Mobile Email Guide, which walks through where to begin and a couple design strategies to help you capture those clicks.mobile email

How to get started - Before starting any mobile optimization process, it's vital to drop a pixel from Return Path or Litmus to figure out the breakdown of your mobile audience. You may be surprised to find more opens coming from tablets than phones, or iOS instead of Android. Optimizing for mobile presents a challenge because we've now added phone operating systems, mail clients and browsers to our current landscape of email landmines, each rendering HTML very differently. It's important to spend your time and energy on the largest audience you can reach.

Where your subscribers are opening - While we're seeing Android taking up the largest market share, most our clients are seeing iPhone and other Apple iOS devices contributing to the largest share of mobile opens. This is great news because iOS devices have the least amount of trouble rendering email. The Android operating system is being used on a variety of devices from Samsung, HTC, Google and Motorola, meaning inconsistent support across all those devices and the email clients on each handset.

Mobile Optimized vs. Responsive Design - Marketers have tried a couple different approaches to reaching the most email subscribers across all their devices.

Mobile Optimized: Designing the desktop email so that it can scale nicely to fit in an iOS screen and focusing all content in the top left 300x300 pixels for Android.

Responsive Design: In mail clients that support CSS (native mail applications on all iOS and some Android devices), one HTML file can render two different layouts determined by the browser window size.

Which one is right for you? There's a few factors to consider that all begin with taking a second to understand your mobile subscriber base.

Download the Mobile Email Guide

Ready to get started? After reading through the Responsys Mobile Email Guide, you'll be able to easily craft an excellent mobile experience for your subscribers. Let's go!

And if you have any questions re: creating a better mobile email experience, just let us know!

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