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  • January 23, 2014

The Value of Low Effort Content

Dante Cook
Strategic Enterprise Sales

Here's a great quote from Zig Ziglar: 

"The greatest selling tactic in history is the Similar Situation".   "Tell me how you have solved a problem exactly like mine, for someone exactly like me and I will trust you can solve my problem."

Although the responsibility of selling has shifted from the sales team in Zig Ziglar's time to the marketing department, this quote is still extremely relevant.  Marketers must be thinking of different ways to engage prospects with similar situation stories in their content marketing strategy. The informed buyers that we deal with today don't want to hear us tell them how great our products or services are, they want to hear it from their peers. 

Here at Compendium we have found this to be true and our research proves that Medium and Low effort content converts leads into customers almost 3x better than traditional high effort content.  We conducted this research with several clients and we grouped the content into three main categories:

  • High Effort Content-Traditional Blog and Paid Content (Blog Posts, WhitePapers, Ebooks, Infographics)
  • Medium Effort Content- Conversational Content (Q&A, Responses to customer feedback)
  • Low Effort Content- User Generated Content (Peer Reviews, Customer Experiences)

For each individual piece of content, we placed them into the groups and tracked the Overall Visits to that content to see if they turned into Leads.  We then tracked what percentage of those Leads became Customers and we found that Low Effort Content performed remarkably better than the other two types.  


Google loves Q&A and User Generated Content

I don't know if you've heard but Google has been making some changes to how their search algorithm ranks content. The Google Hummingbird update is going to start making their search engine display content that maps more towards how we think rather than on specific keywords. 

With these recent changes, there is a great opportunity to utilize Q&A and User Generated Content because they are a better form of conversational content and people are searching how they talk and think more and more over time.    

Some good examples of this comes from two of our customers in the Destination Marketing and Traveling Industry.  They are both using Compendium's Story Capture Feature and they are asking their customers to ask them questions or share stories about their traveling experiences on a customized form through email or on their website. Their customers are filling out the form and sharing about their travel experiences or asking them questions about making their travel plans.  These route into Compendium where they are quickly edited and modified then posted back to their blog and social channels.  So when a person making travel plans searches "What are some cool things to do in Anchorage Alaska?" or "What are the things I need for my trip to Anchorage, Alaska?" all of those customer stories and answers rise to the top. The great thing about this is that they didn't have to create any content!

Other People's Success Stories Make for Engaging Content on Social Media

There's a good possibility that some of your most successful content on social media has been in the form of customer success stories. Here's an example "See How PetRelocation added 340 new customers and $1.6Million in revenue using Compendium in 2012"-True Story.  If a prospect is thinking about using your product or services it is extremely likely that they are following your conversations on Social Media Channels, so give them content that may reel them in to close a sale!  

You Should Continue to Create High Effort Content

The point of this post was not to say that you should stop focusing on creating High Effort Content because that would be foolish.  High Effort Content performs extremely well at the Top of the Funnel (TOFU).  It is great for awareness and it helps to give credibility to your brand.  At the end of the day, prospects want to see how you are helping others like them and they want to have their questions answered before they even speak to you.  Medium Effort and Low Effort Content performs better at the Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) and it will convert more visitors into customers and increase your sales more than that cute and funny Infographic that you just came out with.  

Here are some relevant stats from Social Selling Evangelist, Jill Rowley at the 2013 InsideSales Virtual Summit that should speak directly to us marketers about how we should using Medium and Low Effort Content in our Content Marketing Strategy:

  • 92% of buyers start the buying process by searching the web
  • 37% of buyers posted questions on Social Media sites looking for references or feedback before making purchases
  • 57% of the buying process is done before engaging with your Sales reps

 Are you currently using a marketing automation tool and want to get more out of it? Then talk to us today and we would love to share with you how our customers are using our Content Buckets feature to populate their Email Newsletters with engaging content.  Your Marketing Automation Tool needs Content!  



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