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The Top 25 Posts of 2012

It was a busy year here on the Eloqua blog. There were huge headlines, shifts in the landscape, and plenty of learning opportunities.

Throughout the year, we tried to keep you in the loop with fresh content. To our subscribers, thanks for hanging out all year. We decided to revisit the 25 most popular posts of the year. Enjoy!

1. 11 Infographics Marketers Should Keep Near Their Desks
Everyone - really, everyone - loves infographics. When done right, infographics are an eye-catching and handy way to view data. This post pointed out 11 modern marketers would want to come back to, again and again.

2. A History of Disruptions in B2B Marketing
Speaking of infographics, our collaboration with JESS3 on the biggest disruptions to the B2B marketing world caught the attention of many. It’s a good layout of where we’ve been...and what’s on tap for the coming years.

3. 5 Brands That “Get” Storytelling
Some argue that 2012 was the year of the story in business. Plenty of people were looking for examples of brands that are doing storytelling well.

4. Is Modern Marketing an Art or a Science?
It’s an age-old question: is marketing about science or art? We partnered with JESS3 in coming up with an answer. Our take is that marketers have always sought science to perfect their art, and the two are reaching a balance.

5. How to Treat Your Customers Like Prospects
Upselling is a hot topics with marketers, especially as subscription-based services become more prevalent. Sometimes the best way to convince a customer to deepen their relationship with you is to act like they’re a prospect.

6. 13 Questions Marketing Should Ask the Sales Reps
Enabling sales, particularly in B2B marketing, is one of the chief responsibilities of a marketer. To do that, you have to get down to the nitty gritty and ask the right questions. This post outlines 13 of them.

7. 4 Reasons No One Likes Your Email Campaigns
Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies you can employ. But it’s easy to get stale. This article offered four reasons people fail to make the grade.

8. Here are 40 Charts Marketers Can’t Live Without
We’re huge fans of Big Data. Yet, without the right analysis and visual insight, the data becomes useless. These 40 charts give quick, actionable insight into key aspects of marketing, from email to social.

9. How to: Mapping Content to the Customer’s Journey
Content marketing might be hot, but a lot of enterprises wonder what content to use where. Our Content to Customer presentation laid out how Eloqua approaches content, and how it aligns to the sales cycle.

10. The 5 New Must-Have B2B Marketing Skills
We talk to a lot of B2B companies and the concern we hear repeated again is the skills gap. Marketers need to refine their skills for a digital, mobile, social, content-driven age. We name the five skills needed most.

11. Why Your CMO Doesn’t Like You
Sometimes you get that nagging feeling your CMO doesn’t care for your work - or just you. We asked a few chief marketers want gets under their skin and how marketers can get on their good side.

12. What is Revenue Performance Management?
Revenue Performance Management, or RPM, is transformative for many enterprises. But people often ask, “What is it?” We used fun animation and video to offer an answer.

13. 8 Surprisingly Simple B2B Sales Tips
We’re not saying B2B sales is easy. But there are plenty of simple tips you can try that can give a real boost. We mapped out 8 that scored well with readers this year.

14. How to Write the Perfect B2B Blog Post
We asked the indelible Mark Schaefer to offer some of his secrets to business blogging success. He provided a point-by-point approach to crafting the perfect blog post for a B2B audience.

15. Introducing “The Blog Tree: UK Edition”
Our first edition of the Blog Tree infographic was a hit in the blogosphere. Earlier this year we took a crack at organizing the business blog landscape in the UK.

16. Social Media Isn’t “Ludicrously Complicated”, Business Is
When LUMA partners came out with their Social LUMAscape many complained it was overly complicated. Our argument: business is in itself complicated.

17. How to Get Started with Social CRM
Social CRM was woven into nearly every sales and marketing conversation this year. We provided some wisdom from Paul Greenberg on how businesses can get started.

18. 6 Board to Consider for Your Pinterest Brand Page
Pinterest rose to the kind of prominence that makes “Gangham Style” seem like a sleeper hit. Many businesses struggle with how to make use of it. We have six ideas.

19. 5 Behaviors of Successful Modern Marketers
Wondering what makes a successful modern marketer? Apparently, many people do judging on how this article took off.

20. The Social Business Shift
A late entry, our infographic with JESS3 on how the same technologies that have disrupted the market now come together to help build a social business, from HR to Marketing.

21. 20 Stats Every Modern Marketer Needs to See
At Eloqua Experience this year, many stats were rattled off. We select 20 stats on area like mobile, social, email and more.

22. What’s the Real ROI of Content Marketing?
There are plenty of questions around content marketing. Partnering with Kapost, we were able to give some helpful ways of calculating the value of content.

23. 5 Charts That Could Change Your Email Marketing
When it comes to email marketing, the data rules the day. We picked five charts on a range of topics - when to send it, frequency, etc. - and put them into some easy-to-understand charts.

24. 3 Reasons Why Sales and Marketing Don’t Agree on “Lead Generation”
The problem is deeper than we thought. We broke down some of the top reasons why sales and marketing can’t seem to agree on what lead generation means.

25. 6 Burning Questions about Social Media for B2B
We held a webinar on how to effectively use social media for B2B marketing. We received so many questions after that we tackled the six most common ones.

That’s just a sample of what subscribers got this year. You can expect more goodness in 2013, so sign up now to get our blog in your inbox or RSS feed.

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