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The New Loyal Customer

Michael McNichols
Senior Content Manager

What makes a loyal customer nowadays? You can no longer say that it is just a satisfied customer or even a repeat customer. Someone might fly the same airline all the time or use the same driveshare service but never recommend it to somebody else. Often times, repeat service comes down to convenience and familiarity, which is good, but not the same as truly instilling loyalty.  After all, if another option becomes more convenient, a customer will just as soon drop you and go with them.

Signs of True Customer Loyalty

Really, you are looking for a lifetime of customer value. You want customers loyal to you and always coming back, but not only that. You want to push them up the loyalty ladder from just being repeat customers. What are the signs that your services and products and the experience a customer has had with you has moved up that ladder?

  • Referrals: Someone spreading good of word about you is a strong indicator. This person is basically putting their own reputation on the line to recommend you.
  • Evangelizing: This is when someone not only gives you a referral, but they go out of their way to talk you up and try to find you new business.
  • Ownership. You know you have a loyal customer when they act like that they are basically a part of your business, going out of their way to support it and evangelize for you.

Advocate, Spokesperson, and All-Around Cheerleader

In today’s modern marketing world, CMOs find themselves pressed to show that their marketing efforts are generating revenue. Part of their efforts naturally involve trying to acquire new customers. While this is an area they should definitely focus on, it is not the only one.

CMOs should also see what they can do to instill more loyalty in the customers they already have. By doing so, they might be able to turn those customers into advocates for their business. They will be getting you referrals, doing what they can to preach the good word about you, and supporting you.

These customer advocates can might other people interested in you, and then you have a chance to turn them into customer advocates. It can be a self-perpetuating cycle that is to your advantage.

So, think about what you can to make someone into more than a repeat customer. Seek to delight them enough that they become your advocate, spokesperson, and all-around cheerleader. Never forget that there’s always value in loyalty.

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