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The Keys to Engaging & Retaining Your Customers

Just a couple of years ago, back when e-commerce started to become a serious discipline, marketers focused all their attention on traffic acquisition: If your competitor was able to acquire traffic at 50% of the cost you could, then you had to make changes to keep up. Then came A/B and multivariate testing: If your competitor was converting more traffic than you were, you needed to up your game. Today, testing is a relatively mature discipline. Almost every e-commerce organization of scale has a testing roadmap that focuses on continually improving the user experience from acquisition through to conversion.

It makes sense when you think about it. Marketers put their energy into driving traffic first, then on getting the traffic to convert. Today, the next big frontier is to make sure additional sales are driven from existing customers who marketers have already worked hard to acquire. It’s a well-established truth that selling more to existing customers is much more profitable than acquiring new ones.

Personalization – Now in the Hands of the Marketer

Every e-commerce customer we’ve worked with faced similar technical requirements: they needed to display layered content that would capture their visitor’s attention at different stages of the user journey without rebuilding the entire website. This is the reason we created our new personalization solution – MaxEngage. It gives marketers hands-on control over personalized content creation without ever touching the code on their website. Through a rich visual editor, marketers can create layered content that dynamically captures a visitor’s attention based on their purchase history and real-time behavior on-page. Not only is the creation of personalized content done visually but all the personalization components and logic are directly built into the platform and can be leveraged for any targeted campaign.

Here are some of the most frequent use cases with MaxEngage that our customers have taken on to connect with their visitors at every stage of the purchasing funnel.

Brands can make a powerful first impression from the moment a new visitor enters their web or mobile site: Inform new visitors about why your brand is unique as they arrive on the home page and welcome them by displaying a banner highlighting a special offer that takes into account their location.

While visitors browse and interact with your brand across different devices, it is possible to keep them engaged in the funnel. For instance, targeting visitors who have added an item to their basket but have not started the checkout process for over 5 minutes by firing a dynamic lightbox that contains a personalized offer.

Brands can build lifetime customers by targeting visitors who have already converted on their site. Display VIP access to premium content based on previous interests and purchases by firing a dynamic notification that displays as soon as the customer re-enters your site.

Stay tuned for our follow-up post where we’ll share detailed examples from customers that will help shape your Personalization roadmap.

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