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  • June 13, 2013

The Do's and Don'ts of Father's Day Emails

Have neckties become a weird new motif in all of your dreams? Then Father's Day must be around the corner! I've gathered up a few of the biggest creative trends from this year's crop of Father's Day emails. You might say they're the top of the pops. (Or not. Sorry.)

DO inject some humor into your subject line.

Dad's not afraid of a cheesy one-liner. You shouldn't be, either. Catch your subscriber's eye with a lighthearted joke, a little wordplay, or that hallmark of dad style, a corny pun.

Tommy Bahama, 6/11--Everydad style for Father’s Day | FREE 2-day shipping ends tomorrow!
UncommonGoods, 6/6--25 Ways to Make a Grown Man Cry
DailyCandy, 6/4--Seattle - Put Your Gifts to the Paternity Test
Tablespoon, 6/10--Just Add Beer & Bacon: 20 Treats to Do Dad a Solid

DON'T be afraid to get sappy.

The best Father's Day copy this year proves the way to a man's heart is through his...heart. These examples from Dean & Deluca do a great job of telling a story that appeals to their subscriber's emotions. It doesn't really matter whether everyone who reads this email has a dad who loves baseball or fishing. They're sure to be reminded of what their father IS passionate about, and they'll be inspired to find him the perfect gift.

DEAN & DELUCA, 6/7--A Hot Dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz.

 DEAN & DELUCA, 6/12--All men are equal before fish.

DO be a broken record.

Be honest: how long did it take you to actually purchase a Father's Day gift? Did you put it off a few times before you finally clicked "Complete Order"? If my inbox is any indication, we could all use a little motivation. I noticed retailers sending up to 4 or 5 emails dedicated to Father's Day, each touch upping the urgency. Special consideration was given to last-minute shoppers, with shipping messages taking center stage. The takeaway: don't give up on us, Dad! We'll get you a gift--eventually.

Godiva Chocolatier, 6/11--Last Day! FREE Shipping + Our Top Picks for Every Dad

UncommonGoods, 6/13--The Father's Day Express

DON'T forget the rest of the family.

Not every retailer has a dad-centric inventory. So what? Repurpose your Father's Day send to appeal to anyone in the mood to shop. Moosejaw takes this idea for a snarky spin in this "Not Just for Dads" email. We've all seen retailers prompt shoppers to shop for themselves while they're buying holiday gifts; it looks like this tactic is expanding to other shopping holidays, too.

Moosejaw, 6/3--Father's Day Isn't All About Dads | Finally

Now it's your turn: Which emails have you been enthralled (or appalled) by this Father's Day?

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