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  • October 11, 2013

Target Like Modern Mark: Episode 1 of the Journey to Modern Marketing Now Live

We recently introduced you to Modern Mark, our friend who’s putting Modern Marketing to work for his organization. Stuck in the realm of dirty data, spreadsheets, and disconnected systems, getting your strategies started and off the ground can seem like a journey of epic proportions.

Check out Episode 1 of Modern Mark’s Journey to Modern Marketing, to find out how he has introduced a Targeting strategy to reveal the most likely revenue generating opportunities. Focused on using data to build the right prospect profiles to support delivery of messaging based on value and relevance, Modern Mark’s team now has a launch pad for amazingly effective lead routing, scoring, and nurturing efforts.

Looking for more Targeting best practices? Check out our new Targeting Guide, a How-To Guide for transforming your database to support effective segmentation and persona-driven communication and engagement. It all starts with your database — you need a solid, dependable foundation before you can build any program or campaign.

The Guide walks you through how to develop and maintain your targeting strategy to enhance you prospect and customer experiences, and sharpen your marketing.

The Guide highlights project-oriented tips on where to start with back to basics by implementing best practices for data cleanup, enrichment, and validation. Additionally, the Guide highlights strategies for the follow through, as data cleansing and standardization is an ongoing activity. Proper checks and balances must be established to ensure that the data doesn’t become stale with time/ 

Sneak Peak: Targeting and the Role of a Data Steward
A key step in ongoing data management is to appoint a Data Steward. This helps to empower the marketing operations team to set overall data policies and processes, and ensure that all teams are in compliance with the defined data policies. Your data steward is responsible for reporting overall data health and communicating relevant data information (new rules, changes in policy) to the broader marketing organization. Where marketing data relies on input from other functions (sales, service, finance, web), the data steward can act as an ambassador, ensuring marketing needs are considered while gathering feedback. Data becomes more valuable with a point person to surface its use cases and applications.

Download our new Targeting Guide now!

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