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  • March 21, 2014

Thank You For Tweeting! Highlights From the "Targeting" Twitter Chat

Oracle Marketing Cloud is hosting five Twitter chats to help marketers around the world can get personal answers to their questions from the experts at Oracle Marketing Cloud and Topliners. Here are the highlights from the first Twitter chat, on ‘Targeting’.

Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Marketing Success Consultant Rob Heerdegen took #Eloquestions on ‘Targeting’ from marketers around the world. We handed the baton to influencer Deshelia Spann,Digital Marketing Strategist at Eaton.

Here are some highlights from the Targeting Twitter chat:

(Q) @paul_stevenson How important is having buyer profiles nailed down before you start looking at campaign development and targeting? #Eloquestions

(A) Retargeting key. If 1st msg didn't work, try a different msg. A/B testing campaign not only email good start. #Eloquestions

(Q) @paul_stevenson It's like taking a trip abroad w/out a map. Certainly an adventure but is it an effective use of limited time? #Eloquestions

(A) Mrkt research into the buyer allows better investment into limited mrkt'ing resources. #Eloquestions

All too often, marketers clamour to develop creative campaigns - and not enough marketers defining personas, A/B testing, or measuring engagement. We all know a campaign should start with a clear target market and clear goals, and that marketers should analyse data throughout a campaign to constantly improve targeting - but it doesn’t always happen this way.

According to a 2013 Econsultancy survey of over 1,300 UK email marketers, 73% carry out basic segmentation, only 49% carry out any regular list cleansing and just 26% do any content personalisation. Less than a quarter of respondents (22%) say that they are carrying out advanced segmentation.

Targeting is just as important in social media marketing. When promoting an event, many marketers make the mistake of broadcasting generic messages to as many people as possible. Yet a more focused approach, such as posting in a niche LinkedIn group, can be more effective.

More Twitter chatter:

(Q) @StefBeser what's a better target - persona or industry? (Business touches many industries) #Eloquestions

(A) Both! =) Personas tend to be at any industry level as they represent a specific person, their role/pains/motives. #Eloquestions

@StefBeser @robheerdegen IMO, you are always mkt/selling to people. Not industries/companies. Human to Human (H2H) #Eloquaquestions

@ingarbrown @StefBeser Agreed!! #Eloquestions

Targeted marketing used to be a case of dividing a contact database along generic criteria such as age, gender, job role or location. With a ‘best guess’ approach, marketers could bombard their leads with product information.

But now, marketers have to go ‘beyond demographics’. Prospects are busier than ever, and non-personalised emails which don’t look relevant won’t get opened. Narrowing in on your target market takes time and effort - analysing data to see who’s engaging with your content is an ongoing process.

Some leading companies take targeting as far as writing unique marketing content for individuals. For example, some salespeople tweet a personalised message when their lead management software alerts them to a prospect who has just left a particular webpage. This is a big investment of time, but it can pay dividends.

According to Gartner Research, event-triggered marketing can potentially save 80% of your direct mail budget.

More Twitter chatter:

(Q) @dsmithy112 Our mailing lists are valuable assets to us. In your opinion, how often should you email your contact list? #Eloquestions

(A) We often find frequency increases when you introduce automation. Measure engagement by persona to reduce unsubs

(A) Auto campaigns tend to enjoy higher rates of return as more freq and more relevant the msg. #Eloquestions pic.twitter.com/BIk5JIUyMZ

(Q) Thanks @robheerdegen, understand segmentation in line with Persona's is key. Currently hitting 1per wk incl nurture comms What do you think?

(A) @dsmithy112 Keep eye on your engagement rates.  If you see increase in freq and decrease in engagement you are overwhelming. #Eloquestions

Join the next Twitter chat Friday the 28th of March at 4pm GMT/11am EST. Follow and tweet your questions @DeSheliaSpann including the hashtag #Eloquestions.

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