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  • February 24, 2014

Take Your Questions To The 'Targeting' Twitter Chat

Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Rob Heerdegen, a Senior Marketing Automation Specialist, at Eloqua. Rob works with a number of key accounts, from Small-Medium to Larger-sized, global enterprise companies, coaching eMarketing best practices, across different industries.

Calling all modern marketers: Got questions about targeting?
Marketing messaging has hit saturation point – so much so that customers will no longer read traditional mass mailings. Relevance of messaging has never been more important as your business struggles to stand out from the crowd.

According to the 2013 study by BtoB Research: Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal, "26% of marketers cite weakened effectiveness of marketing as a key driver for evaluating the need for Modern Marketing strategies.”

Beyond demographics
A customer base that demands personalised products and services is unlikely to be satisfied by marketing efforts built on traditional demographic profiling. Modern marketing software helps professionals clearly identify the “right message” for the “right person” and to ensure it is delivered to them at the right time so it is relevant to their position in the buying journey. This is done by combining what you know about your prospects (for instance, job title and role), and their interactions with your business (website visits and whitepaper downloads). We call this the buyer’s Digital Body Language.

Additionally, a majority, or “91% of executives are planning a more programmatic approach to [social media] audience segmentation in the next two years,” according to eMarketer.

Easier said than done...

Good marketers always will be on the lookout for ways to better research and understand their buyers, so that future campaigns can be even more finely targeted. In this way campaigns become even more relevant to your demanding prospects. A better understanding of buyers will also be essential to proper marketing automation and message triggering. But according to the Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census of 2013, less than a quarter of marketers are actually using advanced segmentation for their email campaigns.

74% of marketers know that personalisation increases customer engagement, but only 19% of marketers are actually using personalisation.”

Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Personalisation, Trust and Return on Investment – eConsultancy

We're talking about targeting best practices - Join the Twitter chat!

Knowing the importance of advanced segmentation is one thing, but being able to apply it to your own campaigns is another matter. I will be running a Twitter chat on Friday 28th February at 4pm GMT (11am EST). This is your chance to ask me any targeting questions you might have regarding your own campaigns, and how to use the tools you have available to improve marketing success. I will be sharing my best tips and tricks, so don't miss out!

So how can you take advantage?

·       Make sure you are active on Twitter on Friday the 28th of February at 4pm GMT.

·       The Q&A session will last for one hour.

·       To join us, follow @robheerdegen and tweet your questions ‘@robheerdegen @Eloqua’.

·       Make sure you use our unique hashtag #Eloquestions so that your tweets get the most interaction and shares.

For example ‘@robheerdegen @Eloqua What key targeting questions should I be asking to help properly allocate my marketing efforts? #Eloquestions

Can I answer your questions in 140 characters or less? I don’t know - but let the challenge commence!

Add our Twitter chat to your diary or calendar!  Friday the 28th of February at 4pm GMT. Tweet your questions ‘@robheerdegen @Eloqua’.

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