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10 Tips to Help You Become a ‘Superhero’ Marketer

In the brave new world of Modern Marketing — where digital channels are fueling the need for more sophisticated strategies — marketers need to target, engage, and measure efforts more effectively. But it can be difficult to do, particularly for companies with limited resources, budget, or staff. So marketers wear many hats, and fulfill many roles across web, content, and brand initiatives.

We collaborated with BtoB on recent research that highlighted how Modern Marketers understand the competencies that are required in their jobs, but admit falling short on cohesively connecting the right mix. Considering 5 core competencies that comprise the ‘ideal’ Modern Marketer (targeting; engagement; conversion; analytics; and marketing technology) marketers gave themselves a score of 65% in proficiency.

Much of what is transforming marketing actually opens up new doors of opportunity — in targeting, personalization and sales enablement—and creates a demand for new skills and added resources.

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Here are some tips to help you think about applying the core ‘ideal’ attributes to your marketing strategy to act more like a marketing superhero

  1. Improve your targeting strategies by building a more complete picture of potential prospects through their online behavior, what we call their Digital Body Language™.

  2. Before you can build an accurate and complete picture of your best prospects, It’s critical to identify the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the buying process.

  3. Customer centricity is the driving force of meaningful, mutually beneficial engagement. No longer can marketers or sales reps relegate communications to company or product-centric conversations.

  4. To effectively provide value-based content where and when your customers want to interact, you must develop tactics to address and align messaging across all digital channels

  5. By automating your campaigns, you can improve the buyer’s experience, develop loyal relationships, and track conversion data more effectively.

  6. Modern Marketers are also mining conversion data to gain insights into marketing efforts; providing insight on trends, stage conversion history, and other key metrics.

  7. Implementing the proper analytics systems can help you make critical decisions regarding which parts of your marketing efforts are working or not, and provide the reporting tools necessary to justify those decisions by connecting them directly with pipeline and revenue.

  8. Marketers can align their content sharing efforts with the social channels most likely to drive higher traffic and engagement, maximizing the impact of each campaign and boosting marketing ROI.

  9. With the enhanced focus on social media and the various digital marketing vehicles, there is an unstructured abundance of data that marketing teams must be effectively and efficiently analyzing.

  10. Modern Marketers are carrying other sales-oriented responsibilities, so increased visibility and involvement into key tasks such as lead qualification, inside sales team management, and sales operations will be critical for marketing teams.

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