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Success Starts with Optimization

Our latest Customer Success Symposium saw 223 registrants from customers and prospects line the Dazinger room of The Mayfair Hotel to hear how effective testing, personalization and cross-channel optimization campaigns can drive improved bottom line performance. They also heard from five of our existing clients, listed below, on how they use our products and services to make better strategic business decisions and effectively mitigate business risks; which are huge drivers for a large section of our client base.

  • Channel 4
  • Mothercare
  • Kwik Fit
  • Lovehoney
  • AO.com (Appliances Online)

The Customer Success Symposium has always been a great platform for our customers to share their learnings and successes with businesses that are beginning their optimization journey, as well as a forum for mutual discussion with other organizations that may already be advanced users of MVT and customer experience optimization solutions. The symposia have, over the years, also provided us with insight in how optimization strategies are maturing. Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the inherent benefits of CXO to drive strategic business decisions through advanced use and understanding of the data, over and above increased conversion and improvements to bottom line sales. This was, once again, a key theme that our speakers highlighted throughout the day.

During the first presentation of the day Neil Wardrop and Owain Rowlands at Channel 4 explained how multivariate testing has helped them to understand and analyse what their viewers want as opposed to making decisions based on guesswork. , Stating, “MVT has shown us that significant business and product changes can be driven through testing; no longer through guesswork or opinions of others.”

This was reinforced by Simon Spencelayh at Mothercare’s, when he said, “Everyone’s opinions and recommendations are welcome but it doesn’t always mean they are correct. We must always use the campaigns, analytics and the Maxymiser team to help us make any key business decisions to drive value to the customer.”

Perhaps the value of the data was summarised most eloquently by KwikFit’s John Crichton, who stated: “KwikFit is now able to make data driven decisions as opposed to guesswork which has helped to drive the overall business performance. MVT has also helped us to improve our cross selling objectives and has allowed us to improve areas of our site where we may have been previously confusing our customers resulting in low conversion rates.”

John referenced one homepage campaign in particular, which had a huge impact, resulting in a 58% improvement in click throughs, enabled by just one change. It is these types of stories and learnings that make the symposia so educational and fulfilling for all our clients and prospects. Whether they are beginners to customer experience optimization or long standing experienced customers, they will be able to take away the learnings of others and implement those into their roadmaps.

Matthew Lawson at AO.com is a great example of one of our more experienced customers and he gave a passionate presentation about the importance of making your customers happy across all channels and how personalization plays a large part in the journey. But he also emphasized the importance of being flexible and agile.

Testing should be about learnings and it is important to amend and structure your campaign roadmap accordingly. Matthew said during his presentation, “You can’t be afraid to change your priorities at the click of a button. The roadmap is there to be adapted and this is why testing is so great, because it allows you to change things very quickly.”

By changing the roadmap as you go and developing new campaigns on pages and items that become a priority, businesses are able to focus on what’s really important for the business and their customers.

Neil and Owain at Channel 4 further explained, “You really have to leave your opinions at the door when testing and go with what the results show you.” continuing to say, The best thing about testing is that it really allows us to de-risk decisions. You can never test enough!”

  1. The event concluded with a keynote presentation from Matthew Curry at Lovehoney, who provided the audience with his top five tips for optimization success: Design for emotion
  2. Realise your evolution
  3. Understand your streams
  4. Recruit
  5. Be disciplined

It is advice and learnings like this that drive our Success Symposia to evolve and they will continue to do so as our clients constantly show us how the campaigns help them to drive innovation and improve the customer experience.

Throughout the seven Customer Success Symposia we have held, we have learnt that it is by constantly testing and understanding objectives that organizations can build upon online expertise, achieve increased customer engagement and continue to innovate every area of their business; and this latest Symposium was no exception.

As ever, business success comes from listening to customers, as we do on each such event. If you would like to come along to our next Customer Success Symposium then do get in touch.

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