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4 Reasons to Use StumbleUpon for Your B2B Content

Think of your favorite restaurant and how you found it for the first time. Did you research venues in your area, did a friend or family member share it with you, or did you, by some stroke of luck, just happen upon it? Finding good content online occurs much the same way – search engines are the direct lines to what you’re looking for, social channels are your friendly recommendations, but what about the chance discovery? Well… for that, there’s StumbleUpon.

Having content on StumbleUpon works much the same way having an open door works for brick and mortar establishments – it’s an open invitation to the casual passer-by. StumbleUpon allows users to see randomly selected content relevant to their interests and favorite what they enjoy most. It may sound like a simple service, but for b2b marketing, StumbleUpon presents some high valuable opportunities, including:

1. A mature, highly active audience
Founded in 2001, StumbleUpon has been around longer than all of the “big three” social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. Today, StumbleUpon averages over 1 billion stumbles (uses) per month and over 20 million total users. For marketers, all this translates into a large pool of dedicated users ready to be pulled into the top of your funnel.

2. Long-tail content curation
As StumbleUpon connects users to content randomly; “stumblers” can re-discover valuable resources like whitepapers, guides, infographics, etc. well-after the initial buzz from the release. If you’re looking to give your content the longest churn and shelf-life possible, StumbleUpon is an easy addition to your content strategy.

3. Relevant new leads
Recently, StumbleUpon added a feature to stumble through specific topics – as opposed to the overall generic interests of its users. For b2b marketers, this means interest-generating or top funnel content can be optimized in StumbleUpon to appear in front of the right people who are looking for the information you’re providing. You could call it targeted random engagement, but essentially it boils down to marketers reaching an audience who may otherwise be completely oblivious of a product or service.

4. StumbleUpon the AdAge 150
Not long ago, AdAge made significant changes to their Power 150 blog ranking algorithm – most notably in weighing Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and StumbleUpon in the new scores. For the three social networks, AdAge only measures the ten most recent blog posts, however, for StumbleUpon, all posts viewed through the service factor into the scoring. To marketers looking to eke out a prominent place on AdAge’s prestigious list, StumbleUpon affords the easiest way to improve a blog’s score.

Clearly, StumbleUpon has its advantages, but those listed above are only a few. If you’re already using StumbleUpon feel free to share your own advice in the comment box, or if you’ve never used StumbleUpon, try it out and tell us what you think.

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