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  • January 29, 2014

3 Strategic Content Measures Every Marketer Should Take

Content is the most critical component that enables marketers to interact and engage with our audiences. The role of content spans across all phases of interaction and at every stage of discussion. In each of our communications we are constantly producing, sharing, and encouraging our audiences to associate with specific content.

Marketing organizations have made leaps and bounds toward becoming more regimented about content marketing initiatives, as 66% of B2B marketer respondents are documenting their strategies, according to the CMI and MarketingProfs B2B Content Marketing 2014 Benchmark Study. Even more telling, 86% of respondents have an in-house content marketing overseer.

While these numbers validate the growth in content marketing as a science, for many, “getting started” is half the battle. And the classroom of execution and maintenance is always in session. In that regard it can feel like you’re always “getting started” on new content marketing programs.

Whether you’re new to the content party and want to get your feet wet, or already have an existing strategy in place that’s working just fine, here are 3 tips that will keep your content light burning bright. Stay committed to these principles at any point in your organization’s content marketing planning:

  1. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Before you map out a content creation initiative, assemble a core strategy around value-based themes for your audience. Examine your existing content and ask: Are you talking about yourself, your product, or the service it provides to the enablement and success of your customers? Go for the latter! Your customers should always be the centerpieces of your content ideas. Counting the number of times your company and/or product names appear in your collateral is a good exercise to test your commitment.



  1. Become sourced as ‘news you can use’. You might cite yourself as “the number one provider of…” You can and should be that! Provide information that is of organic value to your existing customers, purely based on problem solving and success building exercises. Start by making a list of the 3-5 core benefits your product enables, and share content assets that support these themes. Refine your theme strategy by testing with customer survey and various feedback initiatives.




  1. Always remember to mine the gold buried deep in your own backyard. Every organization possesses its own unique resource center of data, benchmark research, calculators, and sales sheets. These are all great tools to help support your content marketing initiatives. They’re often helpful in crafting stage-specific content based on proven effective formats across the research and discovery journey. Regardless of your team’s size or makeup, make sure to meet regularly to discuss how you can maximize the value of your individual efforts and turn initiatives into content marketing themes and assets.


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