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  • August 19, 2008

Stat Source: Email volumes, CFOs and email's ROI, etc.

Retail email marketing statistics and benchmarks from the past month:

Stat: The number of marketing emails sent by U.S. retailers and wholesalers this year will hit 158 billion and grow 63% to 258 billion in 2013. Source: Forrester’s US Email Marketing Volume Forecast, 2008 To 2013
>>This highlights the increasing need for two things: (1) better segmentation to create more targeted, more relevant emails so fewer can be sent, and (2) giving subscribers more control over email frequency, format and content.

Stat: Nine of 10 finance executives said they don’t use return-on-investment metrics to set marketing budgets in the annual budgeting cycle. Two-thirds instead take a predetermined percentage of revenue or simply adjust last year’s budget. Source: 2008 ANA/MMA Marketing Accountability Survey
>>Wonder why email budgets are so small when email marketing generates the highest ROI of all marketing channels? Well, now you know: CFOs don’t believe the ROI figures. It’s up to you to convince them.

Stat: Nearly 30% of marketers duplicate their site navigation in their emails. Of those, 15% find it more effective than the main content in driving clicks, while 11% of marketers find their navigation converts better than the main content of their email. Source: eROI’s The Elements of Email
>>While including a nav bar may make sense for some email marketers, it may not for you. Or it may turn out that a special nav bar that’s different from the one on your site works better. Stephanie Miller of Return Path recently Double Dog Dared email marketers to test and see if their email nav bars were really worth the space.

Stat: Last year, 51% of email users said email inspired at least one online purchase and 47% said it prompted at least one offline purchase. This year, those figures fell to 44% and 41% respectively. 73% of all email users surveyed say they have used cell phones instead of email to communicate over the past year, and 32% of all surveyed report using instant messaging instead of email to communicate. Source: JupiterResearch’s The Social and Portable Inbox as reported by Internet Retailer’s New forms of web communication are infringing on e-mail’s turf, study shows
>> The important thing to realize here is that consumers are fleeing email for other forms of communication that are generally shut to marketers. So marketers need to redouble their efforts to deliver relevant emails that are not perceive as coming too frequently.

Stat: We found a 20 point difference in delivery rates for IPs with just one spam trap hit. For servers with unknown user rates above 9% the difference was 23 points versus servers with cleaner data. Source: Return Path’s Q2 Reputation Benchmark Report
>>Play it conservative when it comes to list building.

For more stats, read past Stat Source posts or visit eec silver sponsor EmailStatCenter.com. Also check out results from the eec’s latest Two-Click Survey.
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