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Some Social Media Mistakes Are Fatal and Other Social Media News

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

Welcome back to the The Friday Five. For those newcomers, every Friday we will curate five relevant and recent articles on one specific topic and present them here for your viewing pleasure.

The topics will include but not be limited to:

- Mobile marketing
- Social media marketing
- Cross-channel marketing
- Content marketing
- Marketing automation
- Data

So this is your cue to come back every Friday - well you should be coming back every day for sure but be here Fridays as we do our part to help bring you some collected content to help you be the best modern marketer you can be. 

This Week's Friday Five: Social Media

5 Fatal Mistakes That Will Kill Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is a highly rewarding strategy, but it’s also a volatile one. One great post, timed perfectly, could go viral and send thousands of visits and new followers your way. One terrible post, or one lapse in understanding or etiquette, could instantly turn away even your most loyal followers and leave you struggling for a recovery.

Fortunately, few mistakes are capable of throwing your campaign into chaos (just as few great posts are worthy of going viral). Still, it pays to be aware of the fatal mistakes that could compromise your potential growth:

Read the full article on Forbes

5 Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Social Media Marketing

Do you want to use storytelling in your social media marketing?

Are you looking for inspiration?

Building your social media campaigns around stories helps you stand out from other brands, and grab the attention of consumers.

In this article you’ll discover five ways to use storytelling in your social media marketing.

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8 Quick Ways to Automate Social Media Marketing

Marketing takes up a huge amount of time for small businesses, and a marketer's tasks are never done. Small businesses need to invest resource in getting their business known, yet sole traders can quickly run out of time. If you have to manage orders, create content, market, advertise and sell, social media can become an unwanted distraction.

Focusing on marketing can result in you neglecting your core business. You could end up running a top-heavy business that isn't making enough to pay its costs. You may end up marketing on evenings and weekends, or using unethical short cuts to get things done.

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Study: 60% of companies struggle to measure social media marketing ROI

New data shows companies use social marketing for branding, and then struggle to measure the return. Here’s how to gauge long-term success.

Virtually every brand has a social presence, but gauging success is often difficult. New research from Simply Measured shows that 60 percent of companies struggle to measure the ROI of their social media marketing. Does your company have social-savvy goals and plans, or could you be at risk of wasting time and resources by operating with the wrong expectations?

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5 Most Dominant Social Media Trends We Saw in 2015

2015 is nearing its end, and a new year is in sight. How has social media changed your life? For private users and online businesses alike, social media has become a powerful tool for interaction, communication, and presence. With more than 1/7 of the world’s entire population living on social media networks, it’s not surprising that businesses and social media network owners are taking this new platform to the next level. The proof is based on the statistics. Let’s enumerate the most dominant social media trends that we saw this 2015. 

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For help when it comes to social media and how it can benefit your company, be sure to download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Social Marketing.

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