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4 Steps for Making Demand Generation More Social

Pick up any sales or marketing trade pub, and you’re likely to see that 2011 was the year of social.  While B2B companies have jumped on the bandwagon, demand generation marketers often struggle to find its value.

It’s one thing to tweet about your company and build a Facebook page, but B2B firms are now looking to tie Social to measurable lead generation.  The beauty of social is that it can be a relatively low risk, low cost endeavor.  What many marketers lack are just some basic tools and a roadmap to help get started.

Below we provide the Eloqua 4-step model for how B2B marketers can get started using social to drive demand generation.

Step 1: Build Awareness
You’ve built all that great content, so why are you just linking to it? Social makes it easier than ever for marketers to build the awareness and trust with leads that sparks conversions. How? By embedding YouTube videos, tweets, and Facebook comments on their landing pages. And you don’t need to be an HTML jockey. Tools available today make this task as easy as dragging and dropping.

Step 2: Engage Your Leads Socially
Once you’ve got their attention, give your leads the means to help amplify your messages, comment on your content, and share it with their peers with social sharing buttons. Marketers can create a seamless experience between their assets and prospects’ social networks. And best of all, when prospects share your content with peers, they share their social credentials with you.

Step 3: Enrich Your Database Sociallylead-generation-social-media
Connecting social and email identities is where the real magic begins.  Social sign-on is a great way to capture social credentials – but demand generation pros are looking for more. By simply adding an email field to your forms, you gain valuable permission-based social appending with minimal effort.

Step 4: Measure Your Success
What social campaign actually drove the most traffic and conversions? Which social channels are the most effective?  Only by tying social to your existing marketing platform, where you can track which platforms are delivering traffic and inbound referrals, can you compare social right alongside your traditional channels.

Demand marketers want to jump into social, but may feel unequipped to do so. Take a look at the new Eloqua Social Suite, which makes all the above possible with tools available right out of the box.  By combining a thoughtful, pragmatic strategy with leading edge tools, you can link social to demand gen with just a few mouse clicks.

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