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How To Build Up Social Media Marketing Like LEGO

The new LEGO movie theme song declares, “Everything is awesome!” Do your brand’s social media followers feel the same about your channels?

Beyond the standard engagement and core audience building, it’s becoming increasingly important to connect the dots of paid, earned, and owned media via social channels. Oracle Social explored this and other key themes during a panel with Lars Silberbauer, Global Director of Social at LEGO, this week at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas.

Technology and monitoring tools drive a great deal of social marketing initiatives, but sometimes channels require a more strategic, and even intuitive, course of action. While not every brand has the opportunity to market toys, it’s still possible to have some fun! Here are 4 tips from Silberbauer on how to more efficiently maximize social media marketing efforts. (They’ll have your followers singing, “Everything is awesome” in no time!)

1. Check your cost of ignorance. Oftentimes, passionate social media followers 'raise hands' for negative reasons. Silberbauer advises marketers to consider the cost of ignorance versus the cost of indication, and ultimately to ask yourself: “What’s the cost of not doing anything?” LEGO aims to empower its front liners to react fast enough in a way that’s positive for the business by being helpful and attentive.

2. Measure and track. Even if you start small, it’s imperative to implement processes to understand the effectiveness of your actions. LEGO employs four different ways of measuring and tracking ROI: Direct sales; the ability to build brands; efficiency monitoring; and the ability to do damage control. Silberbauer advises to focus more on the objectives of your marketing rather than shoehorning your brand into social and digital channels. If you’re managing social properly, he noted, you won’t need to worry about expanding budgets.

3. Have a heart! While data provides a tremendous service to marketers (and their audiences) it’s important not to rely on it solely. Social is a human experience, and requires a personal and passionate voice that steps outside the fixed role of marketing, Silberbauer said. He pointed to a touching example of a mother who shared the sad news of her young son’s passing. He was an enthusiastic LEGO fan who dreamt of having his photo on the brand’s page. These sensitive situations can’t be managed by technology. It’s a human experience that requires a passionate response.

4. Keep social media management in house. The community manager may be the point person to corral ideas and implement strategic plans, but Silberbauer noted that it’s important to keep as much community management in house as possible. LEGO empowers frontline personnel with the ability to do paid media and spend budgets without an extensive approval process, so they can assess and allocate spend to react in real time.

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