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Chart: The Summer of the Small Business Social Boom

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Author: Egan Cheung

This summer, traffic from social websites stayed fairly constant for many of our customers, but not for one very specific segment.

We looked at customers who have been with us for more than 18 months (to ensure that they have reached a steady state) and grouped them by their annual revenue size in a 'small', 'medium', and 'large' buckets.  Those customers with under 150 Million in annual revenue exploded in social traffic this

What is going on?  There may be a few things:  Smaller companies tend to be more flexible in deciding what types of campaigns to run.   Social tools also appeal to marketers who have to be imaginative with smaller budgets.  Quite a few of these customers are growing at a very fast pace and are attracting alot of attention on traditional social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but also on less talked about, but high volume social discovery sites like Quora, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

Finally, with the launch of Google+ at the beginning of summer, competition amongst social websites has hit a fervor pitch, and shows no signs of slowing with this week's launch of G+ Brand Pages.  All social networks have been moving quickly to add new features and encourage more public sharing.

Were you one of the ones who caught the wave in this summer of social?

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