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Valuable Shock: Impacting With Infographics

Friday, March 29, 2013

Author: Amanda Batista

The most powerful marketing makes an impression because it tells a story. storytelling helps convey a message by astonishing with aesthetic.

Inspired by a recent Huffington Post article about the alarming number of sharks killed each year, Joe Chernov, VP Marketing at Kinvey, and former VP Content Marketing at Eloqua, collaborated with Robin Richards ( on the infographic below. It’s a powerful exploration of shark killings in actual proportion — a real ratio, that frames a sad, unfortunate reality.

Communication philosopher Marshall McLuhan aptly said “the medium is the message”, and an effective infographic proves just that.

It can be challenging, however, to determine how to position your infographics strategy in a meaningful way to your marketing. Joe offers our blog readers a few tips about how to effectively integrate infographics into your content marketing:

-Most infographics try to do too much. They try to cover too much ground. The best infographics -- like the best startups, come to think of it -- do one thing exceptionally well.

-When they are well designed and helpful, infographics can be an immensely valuable format for marketers because they are inherently sharable.

-To be effective, infographics need three attributes: they need to be properly sourced, they need to tell a story, and they need to help their audiences become more proficient on a given topic. Everything else is ornamental, and typically a distraction.

-Marketers should resist publishing infographics because they are en vogue. Publish an infographic when the story lends itself to that format. When it's a story best told visually.

sharks killed per hour

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