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5 Steps to Setting Up A Branded Instagram

April 26, 2013 By: Amanda Batista

Instagram is a superhero mobile application. It enables everyone to think and act like a professional photographer. In just about six clicks, you can capture and share vibrant photos and control the appearance of color, border, and exposure with the app’s filtering system. Poof! Fancy photography.

Instagram has more than 100 million monthly active users. For that reason alone it’s a viable marketing channel. The communication appeal is simple: create a presence, share, and engage with your community with photos.

Wondering how to think proactively beyond the aesthetic? We did. So we brainstormed, planned for, and launched an Instagram page this week. Here are 5 steps to get your brand’s handle on Instagram:

1. Define the parameters for establishing a presence on Instagram. Think about who you’re engaging with on Instagram, and which types of photos they would find valuable, interesting, and worthy of their ‘heart’ (the like button).

We determined that the most interesting photos to our community would be from industry events and customer communities. So we spotlight our audience, their peers, and the thought leaders they follow and read.

2. Assemble your team to manage and execute Instagram. Think about your objectives outlined in step one and assign your internal ‘Instagrammers’ accordingly. Once you’ve built a significant following, you also can call on your community to email you photos to post from your branded Instagram account. Talk about tapping the power of the crowd!

Eloqua has offices in New York, Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Toronto, and Virginia (and that only covers our North American footprint), so it was critical for us to think about how to cover appropriate geographical grounds. Whether it’s by office, coast, or region, make sure to sync up your locales for versatile, encompassing coverage. Who says your brand can’t be in many places at once?

3. Determine your posting schedule. As with any other social network, it’s important to map out a plan for frequency. Think about the content you’re sharing, and how many times and ways you can share it.

We post based on our physical event schedule, content engagement objectives, and when it’s fun on-the-fly.

4. Cross post with Twitter and Facebook

It may make sense for you to use your Instagram images in other assets, like blog posts or event collateral. Your photos themselves become assets, and can be used to fuel other marketing efforts across channels.

We post our Instagram images on our branded Twittter and Facebook pages, but also from the personal accounts of our designated ‘Instagrammers’. We also use internal collaboration tools, such as Chatter, to share the buzz on our photos and empower our teams to share with relevant handles and hashtags.

5. To build your following, play ‘follow the leader’! While the dreaded ‘0 Followers’ visual on your homepage is not all that initially encouraging, start following others, and you’ll be followed back. Keeping in mind steps 1-4, your steady stream of relevant content will support more followers over time.

To brainstorm ‘who to follow’, our team leveraged an existing ‘influencers’ list, then continued by following our employees’ personal accounts, partners, and customers’ corporate and personal accounts. Speaking of which, we’d love to be connected with you!

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