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  • November 7, 2007

Season Finale: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2007

UPDATED: 11/16

A look back on seasonal trends, email activity and standout B2C marketing:

Start to finish: The first reference to Breast Cancer Awareness Month was on Aug. 14 from Office Depot. The final reference was on Nov. 15 from Ann Taylor.

The distribution curve: Retailers sent the majority of Breast Cancer Awareness Month-themed emails after Oct. 9. But since this is a front-loaded promotional season, it’s help to recognize that the majority of these emails also came before Oct. 10. The biggest day for Breast Cancer Awareness Month emails was Oct. 18, followed by Oct. 1 and 2.

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Most interesting email: With an Oct. 9 email with the subject line “Ann Cares: Contribute and Save 15% Off through December!,” Ann Taylor was the only major retailer to tie their Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiative to the holiday season. By making the Ann Cares Card good through the end of the year, they extend the campaign the length of the entire fourth quarter. With customers looking to make back their $25 investment in the card, the campaign is likely to increase holiday sales.

Ann Taylor was also the only retailer to follow up and let their subscribers what their support led to—more than $1 million raised, enough to support four doctors’ research for a year (see Nov. 16 AM Inbox).

Similarly, Bloomingdale’s also used a card strategy. While most retailers are offering a selection of products that the sale of which support breast cancer awareness projects, in an Oct. 1 email, Bloomingdale’s offered a pink gift card. I think this is a great idea because it allows people to show their support without filling their closets and kitchens with pink apparel and appliances. I can tell you this, while my wife supports the cause, she hates pink.

Most web 2.0: In an Oct. 1 email, FTD promoted the Gal to Gal Foundation’s virtual walk where people create avatars to show their support. It’s a very Second Life-like idea…very web 2.0. And it’s different from what I’ve seen other retailers doing around Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Unfortunately, the banner didn’t link to galtogalwalk.org, but at least the banner included the URL.

Standout subject lines:
Ann Taylor, 10/9 — Ann Cares: Contribute and Save 15% Off through December!
Ralph Lauren, 9/26 — Introducing The Create Your Own Pink Pony Polo
Bloomingdale’s, 10/1 — Little Pink Book: Shop For the Cure
Bed Bath & Beyond, 9/27 — Cook for the Cure with KitchenAid
FTD, 10/1 — Help Fight Breast Cancer today with the FTD Pink Ribbon Collection
Dick’s Sporting Goods, 10/1 — Support the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation
Coach, 10/2 — Help Us Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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