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  • May 5, 2013

Is Sales Hungry For Your Marketing Content? [CHART]

Egan Cheung
Manager, Revenue Performance Analytics

In a word: Yes.

This weekend, we analyzed customers who use the Eloqua Engage sales tool, which allows marketers to make marketing designed email templates available for their sales reps so that they can send the right message to their prospects at the right moment in the buying cycle, and track their response to it.  We also looked at total email volume from those same customers to gauge the participation rate in these types of self-serve sales emails, as a portion of total email volume, including all of marketing's typically voluminous email campaigns, both automated and one-off.

COW Vol 105 2013-05-06

Here’s the breakdown:

Over the last two years, sales has consistently maintained at least 0.9% the volume of outbound communications as marketing.  Considering the volume of email that is sent by marketing that is actually pretty astounding.  Sales is typically sending these out to very small lists, and very often as one-to-one communications. So, seeing this level of consistent use is clearly indicative that Sales finds the outcome worth the effort.

Over this same two-year period, overall email use has jumped over 2.5 times for this set of customers, and yet sales has not only kept up with this growth, they actually have increased their share of participation!

In order for sales to be able to keep pace and, in fact, gain ground in such rapid growth, is seems two conditions have been met. First: sales is definitely hungry for the content that marketing has provided.  Second: the system has to be setup in a way that makes content easily and instantly available to the team, in this case, with a tool like Eloqua Engage, where you can take any existing email content and check a box to make it available to sales to use and potentially even customize.

Finally, the analysis showed that sales participation rates spike in Q4 and Q1 of the last two years. A fourth quarter seasonal surge is not overly surprising, but what do we make of the fist quarter one?  Could it be that lots of training and good intentions coincide in the new year, but slowly decline in the summer months?  Perhaps an indication that constant training throughout the year can be helpful to keep up good habits in the field.

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