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4 Unproductive Sales Gripes Marketing Needs to Anticipate

If enabling sales is one of your goals in 2012, then marketing is going to have ask the sales reps what they need.

But if you go into the process unfocused and unprepared, you’re likely to run into some common, unproductive gripes from salespeople. Here are 4 examples of the kinds of non-strategic complaints you’ll need to expect and move beyond.

1. “Ya’ know, it’s all crap, crap, crap!”
This is the kind of complaint that gets you nowhere. Yet, when a sales rep feels they’re working with a lack of resources, this is the kind of frustration you might encounter. It’s often a sign that sales thinks marketing isn’t producing assets, but could it be that they just don’t know where to find them.

2. “I need an event in Poughkeepsie!”
Many in marketing have heard from a rep in the field that they desperately need an event in Fresno or Kauai or Siberia – basically the place that benefits the salesperson’s whim. Your goal is to go beyond these personal requests to get at the heart of the entire field’s needs.

3. “Why don’t we have a whitepaper for the data security requirements in the personal finance industry?”
Once again, personal whims can bog you down. Sales reps are trying to respond to individual leads. But by aggregating and sifting through the various reps wants you can discover the larger needs of your sales team. For instance, this whim might be a sign to develop content for a specific vertical.

4. “The competition just did something. Quick! Do something!”
Being on the frontlines, reps can get scared when your competitors make a sudden move. Often, they want something turned around quickly. But you’ll need to get past this kind of panic. Your goal is to go beyond reactive tactics and formulate long-term strategies.

So how do you move past these gripes to get at the real issues? Check out this article How Marketing Should Approach Sales Reps and borrow the techniques. With the right approach you can develop a marketing plan that has sales enablement written all over it!

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