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How to Spark a Romance Between Sales and Marketing

Sylvia Jensen
Director of EMEA Marketing

It’s so sad to see when two people who have so much in common - all the same interests, the same sense of humour, the same goals – never become a couple. The same heartbreak often occurs among sales and marketing teams.

This Valentine’s Day we have a few tips and tricks to help your sales and marketing departments to fall in love.  It should be so easy.  We just have to make them see the light on a few very common points….

Speaking the Same Language
In order for a romance to work, the communication lines have to be open. For sales and marketing this often means agreeing exactly on what qualifies as a “lead.”

Lead scoring can help bring them together on lead follow up. By setting a common set of criteria for what an ideal lead looks like, setting up a scoring system ensures only ‘sales-worthy’ leads make it into the hands of sales for follow up.  Sending over hot leads to sales and seeing success on those marketing-generated leads makes everyone happy.

Keep Them Warm
Absence is said to make the heart grow fonder. That doesn’t apply when it comes to keeping the heat between your organization and your leads.

With lead nurturing you can keep those leads close until they’re ready to buy. By creating a nurturing programme based on job function, job level and online behaviour, you can give prospects the next best piece of content to take them along their buyer’s journey to close. In turn, sales will love marketing for sending over prepared buyers.

Giving the Gift of Enablement
Nothing makes sales and marketing more compatible than their shared goals. So when marketing enables sales to prospect on their own it deepens the relationship.

By plugging in marketing automation with CRM, you can provide sales with a rich set of marketing information, giving sales visibility into which prospects are visiting your web site (and how often) and what whitepapers they are downloading. Marketing helps do what they do best – close deals.

This is just the first blush of a romance. You can go further by subscribing to our blog here.

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