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Reuse Content to Deliver on the Promise of One-to-One Communications

Chris Baggott
CEO & President

We’ve all heard the call: as a marketer, you need to deliver on the promise of one-to-one communications by delivering the right information to the right person at the right time through the right channel. Prospects and customers expect nothing less. That’s because they understand what's possible in a world where you know your prospects from every angle and touch point through the marketing personas you create. Plus, you can tap into marketing automation systems to deliver the information they are seeking at just the right time. 


But it's not enough to know what people are interested in and have the means to deliver the desired information -- you need access to a huge library of content in all formats that you can tap into at will. Without this content repository, you lose the opportunity to respond in real time to satisfy your audience's needs. And your content marketing strategy quickly loses effectiveness.


You see, when someone online indicates an interest in a certain topic, it's a chance for you to respond. But you need to respond quickly and with the most appropriate and relevant content to take advantage of this “triggering opportunity.” In many instances, you can trigger the reuse of existing content to capitalize on the opportunity.


Here's a real-world example that helps bring this to life.


One of Compendium's clients sells tires online. When a prospective customer posed a question about snow tires, a salesperson answered in a four-paragraph response. Not only did the response help convert that "tire-kicker" to a buyer, it helped the retailer generate additional revenues. Through Compendium, the company can easily present this answer at the right time to all potential buyers. For instance, whenever it's snowing in the local consumer's geography, the retailer's website can feature the information about these snow tires on its home page, the company can send out a Tweet, and more. Essentially, the salesperson's response has become a data element that the retailer can re-purpose on the fly. By using its content in this way, the retailer has generated over $100,000 in revenues.


Want to connect with prospects in a meaningful way – and get the most out of the content you’ve already created? By treating content as an individual element, Compendium’s content marketing platform empowers you to repurpose large volumes of relevant, shareable content across channels.

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