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  • July 31, 2013

How to Practice Sales Enablement That Helps Reps Rock

Raise your hands if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a terrible sales call!

Now, let’s all do the wave.

Seriously, for today’s savvy buyers, there’s nothing less intrusive than a literally and figuratively cold call. While it’s easy to appreciate the challenging role of a sales rep, the combination of an in control, educated buyer and tools and technologies specifically designed to improve targeting and engagement, offers no excuse for and icy interaction.

Marketing also has an integral role in the success of sales. Sales enablement stems beyond technology portals to provide reps with appropriate content based on campaigns or personas. It’s more than just sharing research and consumption behaviors, classifying someone as a marketing qualified lead (MQL), and then graduating contacts to sales accepted leads (SALs). Sales enablement is really about how well marketing equips their sales teams with the knowledge they’ve garnered from the existing engagements. Only then can sales proactively engage in a meaningful discussion on the buyer’s terms. Sales reps should rock the call, and make an impression worth conversing about.

While social selling is a hot topic of discussion, executing on the ideals takes a concerted effort to study and connect with people. Our own social selling savant, Jill Rowley, breaks it down in her post, “The ABCs of Social Selling”, but here’s a refresh of the attributes of a Modern Sales Professional:

  • She’s an “information concierge” — she provides the right information to the right person at the right time in the right channel.

  • He’s an “insights professional” — he teaches the buyer something she doesn’t already know.

  • She’s a socially connected individual — she’s where her buyers are: on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Facebook, Quora, Slideshare, Pinterest, and more.

  • He has a personal brand — he’s a thought leader, not a product pusher.

  • She’s a content connoisseur — she reads what her buyers read and shares that content across her social networks.

  • He’s a challenger — who makes his clients think differently.

  • She’s a mini marketer. 

 A mini marketer, meaning, the sales rep understands the trigger points that worked in marketing messaging to get the discussion going on the first place. So how do you put these practices into play when you’re on the phone, in the moment of truth?

Here’s a checklist of items to prove that you are a rep who rocks!

  • You read your prospect’s LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to learn about his or her role and how those objectives relate to what you’re selling…

  • …And you lead with that information.

  • Your communication history with all stakeholders at the prospect’s company is clearly defined and recorded…

  •  …And the prospect realizes that, quickly.

  • You up the ante on the traditional "share screen" method by customizing the presentation with content that your prospect has already completed.

  • ...And you’ve mocked up a potential product or service use case specific to your prospect’s existing work.

  • You include ‘wish list’ metrics…

  • …And clearly demonstrate the value you could (and will) deliver

  • You reference customers of your potential customer…

  • …And emphasize their success, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

  • You reference competitor use cases in a non-intrusive, beneficial way…

  • …And your prospect thanks you for it.

  • Your prospect is asking YOU for a follow up call…

  • …And you, of course, accept, and ask who else on the team should join, and promptly send an invite to seal the deal.

Ready for more insight on how to improve your alignment strategies to close more deals, in a meaningful way? Check out Eloqua’s Grande Guide to Sales Enablement.

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