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Recruiting Talent for Content Marketing Success

Clayton Stobbs
Director of Account Management

So you’re ready to jump into content marketing. You’ve got the go-ahead and the budget from upstairs. Now all you need to do is hire the right people and put them in the right positions to ensure success. The trouble is, you have no idea who these people are or where to find them.

Who Do You Need On the Team?

Let’s start with the “who.” Of course, every group is different, and if your operation is on the larger side, you may need individuals in other positions. But here are some of the key roles you should fill on your content marketing team, according to the Content Marketing Institute

  • The Chief Content Officer (CCO) is in charge of the content marketing mission statement, ensuring that every message serves the mission.

  • The Managing Editor executes the CCO’s plan and strategy. This is the nuts-and-bolts position of daily editing, scheduling, style guides, invoicing and other leadership duties.

  • The Chief Listening Officer. Content marketing is all about interaction, and this is the person who listens to the audience and makes sure your customers’ questions are answered and their needs are met.

  • The Director of Audience monitors your personas and works with the content creators to produce content that meets each persona’s needs and spurs action.

  • The Channel Master. In a robust marketing platform, content may be fueled by social media, email, mobile, print or even person to person. The channel master is responsible for deciding which channel works best for which content.

  • The Chief Technologist. Technology changes fast, and this is the person who stays on top of these changes and knows best how to leverage IT and your marketing goals.

Where Do You Find Them?

Now comes the “where.” If you’re struggling to find talent, you’re not alone. More and more recruiters are turning to social media. According to a survey conducted by recruitment software company Bullhorn, 98 percent of recruiting professionals used social media channels to find new hires in 2012.

Not surprisingly, the top three choices were LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. But LinkedIn was voted the best channel by far for a return on investment. Overall, 93 percent of recruiters said LinkedIn helped them fill new roles last year.

Another way to find talent is through your own company website. Brafton Inc.,  a content agency, says “hiring managers must think like marketers and realize that job seekers are customers, too. It’s as important to sell the brand … to professionals looking for work as it is to market goods to prospects on the conversion edge. Content marketing can be effective in both situations.”

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