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Drive Revenue and Customer Engagement Through Real-Time Actionable Data with Infinity IQ

As you may have heard, Oracle CX is launching a brand new product, Infinity IQ. This new product allows marketers to deploy a single tag to unlock the power and functionality to stream your online behavioral data into one unified location. Infinity IQ enables you to eliminate siloed data, apply intelligence to it, and use it to positively impact each stage of the customer journey.

Infinity IQ is a unique tool for marketers that encompasses these features in one easy-to-use interface:

  • Heat mapping

  • A/B and MVT testing

  • Site analytics

  • Segment discovery

  • Product and content recommendations

  • Predictive algorithms

  • Real-time data streams

  • Actionable metrics

  • Integrations

By leveraging behavioral data and signals from Infinity Streams, you’ll be able to target and personalize content on site and via email to improve the user experience and drive ROI. One key use case for this tool is remarketing and abandonment campaigns through Oracle Responsys Campaign Management emails and Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Personalization onsite personalization and targeting.   

For example, pretend you are the Director of E-Commerce at an airline—let’s call it Supremo Airlines. You start your day by reviewing your IQ dashboard, analytics, and ongoing campaigns and performance against your goal of increasing revenue on flight extras. As you look through your insights on the homepage, you see that there is an opportunity to increase conversion rates for unknown users. 

Given your business goals, you decide to take action on it immediately and set up a campaign to personalize content on the SupremoAir.com homepage for unknown users. You set up your campaign logic based on the recommendation provided by IQ, which is to target the audience visited the site in the past seven days, are unknown visitors, are prospective business travelers, and who doesn’t purchase a flight. 

When visitors in this specific segment arrive back on the homepage within the same week, they are targeted with a Maxymiser Testing and Personalization campaign that personalizes the content to be more relevant to prospective business travelers. 

On the flip side of this example, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You’re planning a business trip to NYC in the middle of a workweek for three days. Let’s imagine your flight booking experience. You visit the Supremo Airlines website and start your search by picking the dates for travel as a work weekday. 

It’s a round trip to NYC, and you opt for economy seats. You end up getting distracted with a delivery being dropped off at your door and don’t continue your search until the next day when you have some free time during your commute. You once again check for flights and hotels in Time Square, and during your second visit you notice recommendations and offers that might interest you. Two days later, you’re ready to book your flights and you’re surprised to find that the home screen experience has been personalized for you based on the data you’ve already provided. 

Supremo Airlines identified you as a business traveler and showed you a hotel in your preferred location with an attractive offer. Excited about the great hotel deal, you book your flight and hotel. When you get to the flight extras page, you browse and consider adding an upgraded seat to your booking, but decide against it as it’s a bit more expensive than you expected. 

A couple of days before you travel, you receive an email from Supremo reminding you about your upcoming flight. Along with that, you also get a personalized upgrade promotion for your business travel which catches your attention. Twenty-four hours before the flight departure, you receive a notification to check in in the Supremo app, and then see a very attractive offer of a seat upgrade within the app. You can’t resist and go ahead and purchases the seat upgrade, which will make your trip all the more comfortable.

As you can tell by the two journeys outlined above, Infinity IQ ties data points together for marketers to deliver seamless experiences to their customers. This technology not only drives revenue for the business that leverage it, but increases customer satisfaction for the end users engaging with brands across platforms. 


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