Why Should You Care About Oracle Infinity?

August 19, 2021 | 3 minute read
Rick O'Herron
Director, Content Marketing
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The old ways of capturing, processing and reporting on customer data are no longer sufficient, as three significant developments are creating a new paradigm:

1. The need for highly relevant and contextual customer experiences:

With greater access to quality content and information, consumers are well informed and demand top-notch, relevant experiences with brands. This has challenged brands to better understand the discreet needs of individuals across their cross-channel journeys and to use that intelligence to deliver the most personalized experiences possible. Enterprises that embrace a data-driven culture by harnessing all data at every opportunity in order to differentiate its products and customer experience will find drive greater customer loyalty and returns.

2. Channel proliferation and the Internet of Things (IoT):

The number of marketing channels and the complexity of consumer touchpoints continue to grow. The path to purchase or conversion almost always involves a variety of different channels and multiple devices. Additionally, the IoT expands the definition of a digital touchpoint beyond a human to any network-enabled object. We must rethink both how we process data and how we make real-time decisions within the business intelligence systems that rely on that data.

3. Concerns about data security:

A data breach can immediately destroy a brand’s reputation. As software is increasingly delivered as a service and volumes of data measuring online behaviors continue to grow, data security rises to the top of the buying criteria for any new tool or technology. There is a clear recognition that the data chain is only as strong as its weakest link and a break can be devastating

Challenges of Marketing in a Digital World:

Digital Marketing has transformed to “Marketing in a Digital World”. The line has blurred between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

The new business imperative goes far beyond marketing:


Oracle Infinity powers data-driven businesses:

 Data must shift from being siloed to offering a single, unified view of the customer for strategic use across the enterprise.

 • Analytics must shift from reporting on yesterday’s data to proving real-time and actionable insights exactly when needed to drive a competitive advantage for the business

  Optimization must leverage rich data & analytics to shift from improving the performance of a single digital channel to optimizing the complete customer journey.

So, What Is Oracle Infinity?

Oracle Infinity is an enterprise analytics solution that harnesses big data to provide actionable customer intelligence at scale, in real time and with unlimited flexibility and security. Oracle Infinity Analytics incorporates reporting, ad hoc data exploration, and segmentation into a unified application and a single user experience with no limits from the point of data collection to the point of consumption.


Key Features:

• Infinity Streams: Infinity Streams captures and delivers online events and complete visitor sessions, as they occur, for the purposes of real time data visualization and activation.

• Infinity Action Center: Infinity Action Center is an integration hub that connects Infinity Streams data for remarketing and “light” data delivery.

• Infinity Data Connector: A data delivery solution that quickly and securely transmits online behavioral data to your customer data warehouse or big data initiative.

Oracle Infinity addresses a number of market demands, including:

  • Real-Time, All the Time: All data is available within minutes and ready for streaming instantaneously

  • Unlimited Scale and Flexibility: Unlimited scale, flexibility and data accessibility built on an innovative Big Data platform

  • Individual-Level Intelligence: All data stored at the visitor level, essential for driving personalization

  • Accuracy at Scale: Accurate, reliable visitor data and analysis with absolutely no sampling

  • Cross-Channel Insights: Connect behaviors across digital channels

  • Data Activation and Openness: Easy integration of analytics data into the marketing ecosystem

Oracle Infinity is built to handle data from most any device – a website, cell phone, refrigerator or a sensor in a car, for example. All of these different data sources from around the world can be aggregated together in real time in the Oracle Infinity platform to analyze and feed action systems instantly.


Find out more about Oracle Infinity here



Rick O'Herron

Director, Content Marketing

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