Why Oracle’s integrated glass-to-glass video is the future of content marketing

June 21, 2021 | 3 minute read
Jack Bateman Chuah
Product Marketing Analyst
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2021 is the year we migrate away from simply managing content and pivot toward building content experiences. Managing content at scale is no longer enough to successfully implement a content marketing strategy; our customers are now demanding more personalization, more dynamic content, and more authenticity.

If we’re being honest, we all love videos, and our viewing habits show it. A study by Wyzowl reported that videos are twice as likely to be shared than other forms of content. They’re also significantly influential to buying behaviors, with 84% of people in the same study reporting that they’ve been convinced to purchase after watching a brand’s video.

In particular, short-form video is the plat du jour. Short-form video is between 30 seconds and two minutes long and has revolutionized our content consumption habits. This leads us to a pertinent question: Is there a way to use short-form video to spearhead personalized content marketing experiences for our consumers?

Perhaps the question should be, “Do I have the tools and resources to do this?” Because creating video is time-consuming and potentially expensive, and our internal video teams are always busy!

You’ll be pleased to know that I’m not just going to leave you hanging without a solution. Part of Oracle Content Management, our glass-to-glass video offering, is the market-leading technology to create, collaborate, edit, host, and deliver video—from camera to customer. It enables any organization to go from an initial concept through video publication on any customer experience channel.

The solution is designed to enable anyone to become a content creator via a mobile application, removing some of the traditional barriers for video around time, cost, and accessibility.

Let’s explore real-world examples of how the platform accelerates and simplifies video development.

  1. Time: same-day publication
    A call-to-action (CTA) is a great video use case—whether it’s pointing someone to content or providing a personalized follow-up to book a meeting. The challenge is to create timely content that holds its value in the period it’s viewed.

    The Oracle video creation platform is primed for event CTAs. Users work entirely inside the platform to plan, edit, review, and finalize within hours—helping teams increase brand exposure and drive more meetings while they are still at the event.
  2. Money: trim production costs
    Let’s think about what it takes to create a video. There’s planning, scheduling, equipment, travel, editing (usually by a 3rd party), expenses, fees … the list goes on.

    With Oracle, you only need one platform subscription to manage all of your video management workflows including post-production and delivery. That means clients can reduce the amount they spend on creating video significantly.
  3. Accessibility: tap into influencer marketing
    A major challenge now is to physically meet with others, making traditional video shoots difficult. With Oracle’s video creation platform, anyone with a smartphone can become a content marketer and video creator.

    This is especially relevant for influencer marketing, where an individual can be invited into a project and given guidelines on what to film and say. The self-appointed producer then uses the platform to review, edit, and publish the content, making accessibility issues a thing of the past.

Take this example by Serena Williams for Bumble to see how easy and effective authentic video can be.

Video creation is part of a wider solution for content management because it is not enough to just create video content; we also need comprehensive tools to build holistic experiences.

CX professionals can use Oracle Content Management as an intelligent solution for the creation, management, delivery, and personalization of your content. By connecting your content management activities, Oracle gives you the ability to create personalized content at scale and deliver it in real time across multiple CX channels. It accommodates any type of content, including streaming video, and has smart features that save you time by increasing visibility, ease of delivery, and streamlined workflows for collaboration in creation, approval, and publishing.

The result? A powerful platform for managing content, building experiences, creating video, and delivering content across applications and channels—all rolled into one cost-effective cloud platform.

Learn how Oracle Content Management can help ramp up your video output and create personalized content experiences in our latest Innovation Showcase!

Jack Bateman Chuah

Product Marketing Analyst

An outbound content enthusiast, Jack was part of the Sauce Video team who joined Oracle in 2020 and is now covering Product Marketing for Oracle Content and Experience.

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