What CPG Brands Can Do With Multichannel Loyalty Data

June 10, 2020 | 2 minute read
Emily Rudin
Senior Director, Loyalty Sales
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Multichannel loyalty and engagement solutions make it possible for CPG brands to not only collect purchase data, but combine that information with engagement measures to obtain a consolidated view of consumers.

Here are three things CPG brands can do with such a consolidated view.

Incentivize consumer engagement

Manufacturers have a unique opportunity to drive engagement-based activities for consumers by offering incentives. This helps drive ongoing activity and sparks additional interaction points between consumers and brands. For example, companies can incentivize consumers to read a blog, share feedback, tweet about a brand, or update their profiles to earn loyalty points. Brands can use the data collected from these activities to track their most engaged users, identify their best performing tactics, and take steps to improve their programs.

Entice product trial

CPG brands can also use multichannel loyalty data to motivate consumers to test their other products and services—ones that they might not otherwise try. By gaining this insight from multichannel loyalty and engagement programs, CPG brands can identify relevant products or services under the brand umbrella and drive trials. This keeps consumers in the same brand family, increases basket size, and encourages customers to interact more with the brand.                                                                                                                                    Connect to larger social circles

For any brand, social networks are filled with nuggets of information ripe for brands to mine. Social channels help brands obtain a better understanding of consumers—their preferences, their behaviors, and their interests. They also give companies greater insight into consumers’ social spheres. Personal profile information and the data in a consumer’s social graph can provide helpful data points that inform acquisition and retention efforts, media investments, personalized communications, and more.

As CPG brands focus more and more on building deeper relationships with end-users, consumer data will continue to increase in importance. By properly leveraging data from multichannel loyalty and engagement strategies, companies can strengthen customer relationships and keep consumers engaged in between transactions.


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Emily Rudin

Senior Director, Loyalty Sales

Emily Rudin is a Senior Director, Loyalty Sales for Oracle.

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