Unlock the Benefits of Leveraging Oracle Responsys with Oracle Maxymiser

September 4, 2019 | 3 minute read
Harrison Small
Principal Consultant for the Oracle Maxymiser Professional Services team
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When considering approaches you can take to elevate your Oracle Responsys campaigns to the next level, integrating with Oracle Maxymiser stands out as an essential value add. Through this integration, you can leverage the complementary features of both platforms to:

  1. Serve the landing pages and site experiences that are most likely to drive conversions

  2. Gain insight into the most effective and resonant user journeys and touchpoints

  3. Drive lifetime value and loyalty through a personalized touch

Optimize Landing Pages and the Site Experience Through A/B and Multivariate Testing

It is not uncommon for businesses to commit countless man hours and resources to redesigning their landing pages, only to see those efforts fall flat. Through an integration of Oracle Maxymiser and Responsys, you can mitigate this risk through testing. Oracle Maxymiser will give your team the power to split traffic coming from both Oracle Responsys emails as well as other channels between any number of page or site experiences, all on the same URL. Whether it be value proposition messaging, layouts, lead form functionality, or imagery, Oracle Maxymiser puts the power in your hands to make edits and serve winning experiences to your end users with ease.

Understand the User Journey and Evaluate the Effectiveness of Touchpoints

An integration of Oracle Maxymiser and Responsys makes it easier than ever before to attribute behavior across channels back to an individual user. Whereas before, a visitor’s interactions with an email, display ad, and the broader website were tracked independently, Oracle Maxymiser helps to close the gaps and paint a fuller picture. Oracle Maxymiser can track and attribute site behavior for the visitors in your Oracle Responsys master list regardless of whether or not they actually click through an email. Also, Oracle Maxymiser can track pixels, which help establish what display ads that visitor has been exposed to and whether or not they have engaged with those ads. These interconnected attribution features allow for more informed orchestration efforts.

Driving Value Through Personalization

Serving the most effective experiences and leveraging behavioral data across touchpoints is a great first step toward a more targeted and personalized marketing strategy but it is only part of the equation. Oracle Maxymiser’s segment discovery features allow you to maximize your conversion and drive loyalty by understanding the behavior of subsets of visitors who share common characteristics. This identification of meaningful personas will allow your team to serve relevant imagery, value proposition messaging, promotions and more across all of your key channels while maintaining the flexibility to easily change content according to ever-changing customer needs.

In the past, marketers could only dream of a cohesive ecosystem of tools and customer data to produce actionable insights. The integration between Oracle Maxymiser and Responsys helps make this dream a reality through testing, optimizing user journeys, and the ability to uncover opportunities for personalization and act on them. Contact your account representatives to schedule a demo!


Want to learn more about how the Oracle Maxymiser Consulting team can take your optimization program to new heights?  The Oracle Maxymiser Consulting team is made up of passionate strategists, designers, developers, quality assurance professionals,  trainers, analysts, and platform experts. We’re excited to understand your business needs and work with you to drive ROI.

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Harrison Small

Principal Consultant for the Oracle Maxymiser Professional Services team

Harrison Small is a Principal Consultant for the Oracle Maxymiser Professional Services team with experience working in the Travel, Media, and Financial Services industry verticals. In his 5+ years at Oracle Maxymiser, he has spearheaded optimization strategy and execution for a number of large global brands leveraging Maxymiser’s best-in-class platform and professional services.

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