5 top content marketing podcasts

November 1, 2021 | 2 minute read
Autumn Black
Content Marketing Specialist, Oracle Advertising and CX
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We all have our favorite podcasts. Whether it’s to hear the latest news, revel in the worst movies of all time, or just spark creativity, podcasts can be more than entertainment.

Content marketing is changing all the time, so it can be tough to keep up. Luckily, these five podcasts focused on content marketing strategy, execution, and innovation will keep you learning and engaged.

Everyone Hates Marketers hosted by Louis Grenier

Don’t believe the title of the podcast; just listen. Everyone Hates Marketers is a lively show featuring content marketing creatives dissecting everything wrong with modern marketing and how to fix it. Topics—such as promoting diversity, repurposing content, and taking calculated risks—deliver a wide range of learning without being bogged down in analysis.

The Shake Up hosted by Alexis Gay and Brianne Kimmel

This new weekly podcast helps business leaders to solve content marketing challenges in a way that shakes up the status quo. The hosts discuss work hacks to build content strategies that work both on paper and in practice. Whether you’re looking to leverage AI or just to develop creative ideas beyond the drawing board, this podcast aims to help you make good on your content promises and capabilities.

Savvy Social Podcast hosted by Andrea Jones

Focused on aligning your content strategy with your social media efforts, Savvy Social Podcast is hosted by social media giant Andrea Jones. In her interviews, seasoned content marketing pros and leading industry professionals share their strategies for best integrating content and social. Solution experts highlight examples of works in progress from various agencies and organizations.

This Old Marketing hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

Rose and Pulizzi host a weekly podcast covering a wide spectrum of content marketing topics, including media planning, digital, and much more. From data gathering headaches to email newsletter efficacy and the creator economy, each episode dives deep into a particular topic. . Running at just under an hour every week, This Old Marketing is a great way to regroup and refresh your day-to-day strategy.

The GaryVee Audio Experience hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk

No podcast list would be complete without arguably the world’s most famous content marketer, Gary Vaynerchuk. With an energetic—at times polarizing—style, Gary Vaynerchuk is a true entrepreneur and marketing guru. Though his style is most certainly not for the faint of heart, Vaynerchuk uses the podcast platform to encourage marketing pivots, advise on strategic considerations, and more.

Looking for a podcast on customer experience? Check out Oracle’s Often Imitated podcast series to explore some of the greatest customer experiences throughout history.

Autumn Black

Content Marketing Specialist, Oracle Advertising and CX

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