The Most Critical Email Deliverability Questions [with on-demand webinar]

October 3, 2023 | 4 minute read
Daniel Deneweth
Head of Email Deliverability Services, Oracle Digital Experience Agency
Heather Goff
Strategic Director of Email Deliverability Services, Oracle Digital Experience Agency
Brian Sullivan
Strategy Director of Email Deliverability Services, Oracle Digital Experience Agency
Chad S. White
Head of Research, Oracle Digital Experience Agency
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The most critical email deliverability questions are YOUR QUESTIONS. That’s why Oracle Digital Experience Agency’s veteran Email Deliverability Services team made themselves available to answer questions from the digital marketing community during a special open forum webinar. Chances are you have many of the same questions that were raised by your peers about Mail Privacy Protection, Gmail pre-fetching, Link Tracking Protection, and other topics.

You can watch the full webinar below to get detailed answers to all of the questions, but in this blog post we also wanted to share short answers in 30 words or less for some of the questions.  

Can you give us an update on Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection? Is it fully saturated? Is the worst over?

Adoption plateaued more than a year ago. However, many brands will struggle as some subscribers pass 2 years of inactivity and their lists shrink or their deliverability risks rise sharply.

Get our most comprehensive advice on Adapting to Mail Privacy Protection via a free, no-form download.

What are companies doing to maintain subscriber marketability in light of MPP? How should we be managing non-responders?

Brands have pushed out their inactivity cutoffs—for example, from 12 months to 18. They’re also trying to generate more clicks and looking at omnichannel activity to qualify subscribers as active.

7 ways to get more email clicks in the age of MPP.

Can Google, Yahoo, and other inbox providers see actual opens by Apple MPP users or is their visibility also limited to auto opens?

Google, Yahoo, and other inbox providers don’t see auto opens. In fact, they don’t see opens at all. They see reads in their inbox environments, so are unaffected by MPP.

How to use Apple’s auto opens safely in your email marketing program.

I heard that Gmail is pre-fetching email content like Apple does. Does that mean opens from Gmail are also unreliable?

To shorten email load times, Gmail pre-fetches a small percentage of emails it believes individual users are highly likely to read. To increase privacy, Apple pre-fetches everything. Oranges and apples.

Does Apple Link Tracking Protection mean we can’t use email clicks either? How are we supposed to measure engagement?

First, please use opens. They’re useful. Second, LTP will obscure clicks much less than MPP obscured opens. In fact, many marketers—including Oracle Responsys and Eloqua users—won’t be affected at all.

How Apple’s Link Tracking Protection will impact email and other channels.

Gmail is now retiring accounts that haven’t shown any activity in 2 years. How will or should this impact subscriber inactivity management?

As long as you’re emailing subscribers at least once a month, you’ll avoid emailing an account that’s changed hands. The biggest danger is around once-a-year T&C and privacy notices.

How to respond to the 3 kinds of fallout that’s likely to happen from mailbox providers retiring inactive accounts.

Will generative AI make spam fingerprinting obsolete? Does using AI-generated email content increase our chances of being blocked?

Our guess is spam fingerprinting will still be effective, although generative AI does give spammers a great new tool. Content is a minor factor in deliverability. GenAI won’t change that.

Understand the 7 key factors that impact email deliverability.

What’s going on at Spamhaus? How should we respond to one of their “informational listings” since it isn’t harming us?

Spamhaus is reinvigorating and reimagining its role in the email marketing industry. Issuing information listings are part of that. These are gifts to marketers. Heed them to avoid damaging blocklistings.

How to get off an email blocklist, and stay off.

Didn’t Apple announce last year that it’s supporting Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI)? How come our logo isn’t showing up in Apple Mail?

Apple has asked Gmail and Yahoo Mail to change their email headers. When they do—which they’ve said they will—BIMI-powered logos will appear when those accounts are accessed via Apple Mail.

The 6 steps to implementing BIMI.

Deep Dive Time

To get much more detailed answers to all of those questions—plus questions asked by the live audience—watch the on-demand webinar recording below.

We hope you enjoyed “The Most Critical Email Deliverability Questions.” Some of our other on-demand webinars include:


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Daniel Deneweth

Head of Email Deliverability Services, Oracle Digital Experience Agency

Daniel Deneweth heads up a team of Email Deliverability Services team at Oracle Digital Experience Agency. He shows clients how to maximize the ROI from email through improved inbox placement. Prior to Oracle, Daniel held a variety of roles at the deliverability firm Return Path. His tenure included managing the Sender Score Certified program, where he collaborated with ISPs and helped senders implement email best practices. Daniel brings this insight and in-depth deliverability knowledge to help clients maximize their inbox placement rates, and accelerate the ROI of their email channel.

Heather Goff

Strategic Director of Email Deliverability Services, Oracle Digital Experience Agency

Heather Goff brings her tenacious client centric attitude and over 13 years of experience with email deliverability and digital communication strategy to Oracle Digital Experience Agency in the role of Strategic Director of Email Deliverability Services. Heather’s expertise helps drive deliverability success by arming Responsys customers with strategies to increase engagement and reduce spam traps and complaints. Heather is active in the broader Deliverability community as an active member of the Email Sender & Provider Coalition (ESPC) and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Brian Sullivan

Strategy Director of Email Deliverability Services, Oracle Digital Experience Agency

Brian Sullivan is currently lead deliverability consultant for several high-volume email senders at Oracle Digital Experience Agency. His extensive background in email marketing and focus on deliverability optimization have positioned him to provide expert guidance that helps marketers reach their revenue goals with optimal inbox placement through enhanced messaging strategies that grow and nurture engaged audiences.

Chad S. White

Head of Research, Oracle Digital Experience Agency

Chad S. White is the Head of Research at Oracle Digital Experience Agency and the author of four editions of Email Marketing Rules and nearly 4,000 posts about digital and email marketing. A former journalist, he’s been featured in more than 100 publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Advertising Age. Chad was named the ANA's 2018 Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year. Follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Mastodon.

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