The Future...Delayed: The Forces that Keep Brands from Being Aligned with Consumer Behaviors

August 27, 2019 | 2 minute read
Chad S. White
Head of Research, Oracle Digital Experience Agency
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The goal of every brand is to be relevant to consumers and aligned with consumer behaviors. That’s why brands launched ecommerce sites as the internet became an increasingly common place to shop. That’s why brands made their emails mobile friendly as smartphones became an increasingly common way to read emails. And that’s why brands created Facebook pages and started running ads on Facebook as that social media site became increasingly popular.

Brands chase audiences.

But the speed at which individual brands pursue consumers and align themselves with consumer behaviors varies wildly. Some are on the bleeding edge. Some wait for a solid critical mass. Some wait as long as they can. And some never get on board—sometimes much to their detriment.

For bigger trends, this whole process of industry adoption can take years—even a decade or more. Mobile-friendly email design is a great case in point. The iPhone kicked off this need when it debuted in 2007 as the first phone able to render HTML emails. By 2012, 36% of emails were opened on mobile devices, which is a clear critical mass of adoption. However, the majority of large B2C brands didn’t adopt mobile-friendly email designs until 2015. 

Today, responsive design and mobile-aware design are the status quo for emails. But consumers endured many years of subpar mobile email experiences from brands that they cared enough about to share their inbox with.

Unfortunately, many brand-loyal consumers will similarly suffer delays around hyper-personalization, automation, and other trends that are gradually re-shaping email experiences, and consumer expectations along with them. 

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss the forces that keep brands from aligning with consumer behaviors more quickly. Plus, you’ll hear advice on how to overcome those forces from some of our more than 500 experts at Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting, including Clint Kaiser, Cristal Foster, Kim Roman, Autumn Coleman, and Otilia Antipa.

Let’s limit the delay in adapting to consumer behaviors, so we’re serving our customers better and minimizing how much of the future we cede to our competitors.

We hope you enjoyed “The Future...Delayed: The Forces that Keep Brands from Being Aligned with Consumer Expectations,” which is part of Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s on-demand webinar series. Other webinars in the series available for viewing include:


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Chad S. White

Head of Research, Oracle Digital Experience Agency

Chad S. White is the Head of Research at Oracle Digital Experience Agency and the author of four editions of Email Marketing Rules and nearly 4,000 posts about digital and email marketing. A former journalist, he’s been featured in more than 100 publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Advertising Age. Chad was named the ANA's 2018 Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year. Follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Mastodon.

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