3 signs you’ve outgrown your marketing automation platform

March 4, 2022 | 2 minute read
Analisa Flores
Content Marketing Specialist, Oracle Advertising and CX
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We’ve all been there, the dreaded start of the workday when you open upwards of five different tabs just to start on one task. It’s time for modern marketing automation to be simplified for the modern marketer.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation is the simpler, easier to use, and more feature-rich version of your dreadful marketing automation platform. Here are three signs that you’ve outgrown your marketing automation platform. Is it time for a change?

1. You’re spending too much time switching from system to system, looking for the information you need

Oracle Eloqua is a single, unified platform, not a bunch of point solutions spliced and duct-taped together. Disconnected data and manual processes make it difficult to get the right message or offer to the right customer at the right time. Working within a single platform makes it easier to access the right data, filter and segment audiences, and precisely target individuals. 

Oracle Eloqua has full-stack segmentation capabilities that allow you to take control of email, tracking, and segmentation—all in one place. Whereas full stack for competitors means CDP+web tracking+email sends.

2. Your marketing automation tool is making you hate your job

Using your marketing automation tool should not make you or your computer go into overdrive. With so much recent technological advancement, it’s time for your marketing automation tool to get more advanced, too.

Let's think about this for a minute...you wouldn't want your teeth cared for by a tooth fairy, right? The only thing the tooth fairy wants is for your teeth to fall out so they can take them. You want a dentist with specialized skills and training caring for your teeth and keeping them healthy. It’s the same principle with your marketing automation tool. Oracle Eloqua is built for marketers by engineers who have a long history of creating great software. Oracle is known for having the most reliable, scalable applications that marketers value and IT loves. So you can count on deep expertise in scalability, flexibility, and security.

3. You need to integrate different capabilities such as CRM, but your system can’t handle it

Your email marketing needs are growing, and your marketing tool should be able to grow with it. You’ve tried integrating a customer relationship management tool but all you got were error messages and duplicate data. Oracle Eloqua can seamlessly integrate capabilities such as a CRM and multiple CRMs simultaneously.

With Oracle’s native integration to your CRM, you align marketing and sales to close deals faster, send quality leads to sales in seconds, and access real-time web visitor alerts and activities. No more patching and zapping your way to an integrated solution.


Ready to learn more about what your marketing automation system should be doing? Check out this checklist to see how your current marketing automation system stacks up.

Analisa Flores

Content Marketing Specialist, Oracle Advertising and CX

Analisa is a Content Marketing Specialist for Oracle Advertising & CX. She works with the Modern Marketing Blog.

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