Quick and Sharp: 5 Pro Tips to Optimize an Email for Mobile

September 20, 2019 | 2 minute read
Michael McNichols
Senior Content Manager
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Mobile email marketing offers a whole world of possibilities to connect and engage with audiences on multiple devices anywhere and at any time. However, you have to get your message across quickly and sharply in only a short amount of time or risk losing someone’s attention.

Therefore, you need to make a mobile email as easy to read, understand, and navigate as possible for a person on the go and reading it off a phone or other mobile device.

Consider these five tips to optimize your emails for a better mobile experience:

  1. Write short, punchy copy that gets right to the point and offers value

  • Use text sparingly and with much thought put into the words you choose.

  • Make your copy as clear, simple, and concise as you can.

  • Keep your subject lines, sentences, and paragraphs short, sharp, and easy to read.

  • Put  your main offer and most valuable content above the fold.

  1. Use visuals rather than text whenever possible

  • Infographics, charts, and other visualizations might make a point far more clearly and powerfully than a block of text and can be easier to read and understand on a mobile device.

  1. Employ clarity and simplicity in design and layout

  • Use a clean, simple layout and design that makes good use of white space.

  • Consider using large text, large call to action buttons, and ample margins and spacing to make the email easier to navigate and read.

  1. Make sure your email is easy to navigate

  • Your content should load quickly and fit properly onto a mobile screen, so users do not have to do any side-to-side scrolling or zooming to read it.

  • Consider using linked text to give the reader a chance to click through on something before they even get to the CTA.

  • Only insert links into the email that work and do not return mobile-specific errors.

  1. Create an email that is visually pleasing

  • Use images that resize or adjust to the device the reader is using.

  • Have your image buttons stand out, and use a clear, direct call to action that is easy to find.

  • Make certain your email looks good both vertically and horizontally and is as easy on the eyes as possible.

  • Check to see how your email looks on a phone or other mobile device before sending.


Find out more about responsive design and how to adapt your emails for mobile screens to capture more eyeballs and make more conversions with this Mobile Email Guide.



Michael McNichols

Senior Content Manager

Michael McNichols is a Senior Content Manager for Oracle Digital Marketing. He has over ten years of experience in professional writing and has been widely published.

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