Personalize customer experiences in real-time with Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence

May 25, 2021 | 3 minute read
Dave Stark
Product Marketing Manager, Oracle CX
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The customer experience (CX) professional’s imperative

What’s a CX professional supposed to do? Focus on the customer. Create delightful experiences for them. Personalize those experiences. Send relevant and helpful messages––and send them at the right time. But don’t send too many. Automate it all. And do it now.

These things help us get the customer experience right and make every customer interaction matter. This is easier said than done, and disconnected data leads to fragmented customer experiences including: misaligned marketing and service organizations, broken fulfillment processes, and unmet customer expectations.

Connecting the data dots

Connected data, on the other hand, helps provide personalized experiences that are authentic, context-aware, and empathetic. That’s why Oracle Advertising and CX is bringing together customer data and processes to provide exceptional experiences across marketing, sales, service, commerce, and advertising. You get a complete view of every customer interaction, no matter how, when, or where they engage. And use that information and insight to deliver the right message at each touchpoint and deliver great customer experiences.

Personalize your customer interactions in-flight

In our latest quarterly Innovation Showcase, we show how to apply intelligence to your data by capturing relevant context and making your customers feel engaged and loyal from each interaction. Within marketing, we highlighted two innovations, one of which we’ll focus on: real-time intelligence and personalization with Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence.

Oracle Infinity makes it easy for marketers to turn behavioral data into action and deliver relevant customer experiences quickly and with self-serve use—requiring less IT involvement. Customer behavioral data is streamed into Oracle Infinity, then artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning derive intelligence from that data.

Next, intelligence and customer data is sent in milliseconds for activation, for instance delivering a personalized in-session website experience through Oracle Infinity or personalized emails through your marketing automation or campaign management systems. Oracle Infinity also provides testing tools, including heatmaps, to determine the best website or app experiences for your customers.

Below are some examples of actions you can take to deliver personalized customer experiences.


You can then set filters and rules to deliver the right tailored experiences through the digital channel you specify.

The in-session website or app experiences and emails the customer receives can include custom real-time product, content, or offer recommendations. You can even set recommendations to only show products you specify as in-stock.

Oracle Infinity simplifies connecting the all the dots to create a seamless, unified marketing experience. Our advanced algorithms provide intelligence and streamlines use of customer behavioral data to deliver authentic, tailored customer experiences in real time.

Learn more about our recent innovations, or read blog posts covering recent updates in advertising, service, sales, and marketing.

Dave Stark

Product Marketing Manager, Oracle CX

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