Oracle Unity CDP Helps Brands Ring in New Year with Better Customer Experiences

January 30, 2024 | 3 minute read
Srishti Sofat
Senior Vice President, Oracle CX Marketing
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The holiday season is a stress test for every B2C organization, as well as all of their systems. Oracle Unity, our customer data platform (CDP), passed this stress test with flying colors across each of its functional areas.

Knowing Your Customer

The customer data platform isn’t brand new marketing technology by any means, but the attention and focus on how CDPs can help organizations better serve, sell and market to their customers has never been higher. Why? As the pace of digital transformation accelerated, organizations have focused on building comprehensive customer intelligence as the primary way to understand and engage their customers—wherever they may be.

In some companies, however, customer data is distributed across separate, disconnected systems and typically managed by different stakeholders. It’s nearly impossible to create a complete view of the customer and offer personalized, high-value experiences. Customer data platforms, however, break down those data silos and centralize the most valuable information to create unified, actionable customer profiles that can be used across the organization. This ultimately helps enterprises truly know their customers and put them at the center of everything they do.

During the weeks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, for instance, Oracle Unity unified 31.8 billion data points on behalf of our customers. On Black Friday itself, the volume of web and mobile views and other interactions ingested by Oracle Unity grew 66% year-over-year. And on Cyber Monday, the year-over-year increase was 56%. 

How to personalize with identity resolution and why a CDP helps.

Delivering Great Customer Experiences

Ingesting, processing, and storing customer data is great, but the point of CDPs is to be able to put that data and turn it into actionable customer profiles and intelligence you can leverage to create more compelling customer experiences in real-time.

In many ways, brands are now using technology to replicate at scale the kinds of personalized interactions you’ve been having with your local pharmacist, hair stylist, and favorite waitress for years. Brands need to be able to deliver the kinds of tailored experiences customers know and expect—whether they’re interacting with your brand on the web, in app, via a chatbot, or some other touchpoint. 

Amazon, Netflix, and others have proven it’s possible. Now, consumers expect the same caliber of experiences from banks, hospitals, insurance agencies, and every other kind of business (and even when businesses are selling to other businesses). This holiday season, Oracle Unity CDP helped our customers do just that during the heart of the holiday season, activating 23 billion non-unique customer profiles to create 6.2 billion real-time activated events across channels.

Make your customer data more effective with a CDP

Want a Deeper Dive?

Check out the infographic below that details how Oracle Unity CDP allowed our customers to respond to customer interactions with personalized experiences during the holiday season.

Our Unity data experts share performance highlights from the 2023 holiday season


Learn more about Oracle Unity and why analysts have named it a leading customer data platform.

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Srishti Sofat

Senior Vice President, Oracle CX Marketing

Srishti Sofat is Senior Vice President, Oracle CX Marketing. She brings over 25 years of experience in building and scaling large scale consumer and enterprise software products. She has been solving interesting problems in Marketing Orchestration, Personalization, Mobile, Mar-Tech and customer intelligence to help a global set of customers. Drives a strong culture of product innovation and execution.

Adept in collaborating with cross functional teams across geographies to define, influence and realize organization’s shared vision and driving customer success and business growth Proven track record of hiring ‘A’ players, building & mentoring strong teams and leading geographically distributed teams.

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