Markies Spotlight: Meaghan Bilinski of Movember

November 7, 2019 | 2 minute read
Srijana Angdembey
Director of Social Marketing at Oracle
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Meet the Markies is a series that shines a spot light on the individuals behind Markie-winning teams. This week's Meet the Markies features Meaghan Billinski, Digital Marketing & Automation Director (Global) for Movember. 

Tell us about your current role:

As Digital Marketing & Automation Director (Global) for Movember, I get to oversee the team creating incredible targeted digital communications throughout our various supporter journeys, for both our annual Movember campaign and our year-round activity. 

How do you use Oracle CX solutions in your day-to-day job?

We use Oracle's Eloqua as our marketing automation platform, powering all our emails and integrating with Swrve for mobile app messaging. It has enabled us to become more sophisticated, and efficient in our communication, and through this we've seen fundraising revenue from our email channel increase by over 48% year on year.

What advice do you have for your peers in roles similar to yours?

Running a lean team that looks after email communication globally across more than 20 countries, it was important to challenge ourselves to become even more efficient. Doing this enabled us to do more fun and creative stuff by being less bogged down by the work involved in managing so many emails. Doing this efficiency review led to the creation of smarter dynamic email templates that cut down our email sends from over 30, to 8, each time we wanted to do a worldwide communication.

What is something that gets you excited about your job?

I love building upon what we've done in previous years, integrating smarter use of technology and pushing ourselves to achieve even greater results for men's health.

How has winning a Markie Award helped you in your career?

It's always great to be recognized for your work, and it's motivated us to keep looking at ways to improve within this space in the hopes of taking out another one!

You can win a Markie too!

Is your organization delivering top-notch Customer Experience? It's time that your accomplishments were recognized by your peers. Enter your submission to win the Markie Awards by January 24, 2019. 


Srijana Angdembey

Director of Social Marketing at Oracle

Srijana drives Social Media strategy for Oracle Marketing Cloud. In her role, she manages the Oracle Marketing Cloud social channels and the Modern Marketing Blog.

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